Saturday, August 2, 2014

Olympic National Park - Mora

Continuing on a clock-wise course along the Olympic Peninsula, camp has moved to the lovely rain-forested Mora Campground.  Solar energy is hard to come by as the massive tree-cover blocks the sun's rays like a giant roof.  

The GDB enjoys a rare pull-through site.  Just like a real RV!

Suzanne joins us, bringing the caravan count to 7 people, 5 rigs.   

Jim 'walks' Sophie as she becomes acquainted with her new home.  

After settling in, the next order of business is a hike along nearby Rialto Beach.   A must-do pilgrimage in this area is the Hole-in-the-Wall.  You can just make out the formation in the middle of this photo.

The Park Ranger informs us we have arrived at the ‘worst possible time’ i.e. high-tide.  

Even though we are unable to get very close to the famous Hole, we admire it from a distance. 

Carla and Chuck celebrate their 43rd anniversary in a spectacular place.

The symmetry and polished textures of the beach-rocks along the Pacific shores fascinate me.

The stones are ground to an incredible smoothness not by the ocean, but rather by ages of glacier pressure. 

The abundant driftwood serves as a conversation piece ...

... and furniture.

Mother Nature did some crazy-good work here.  


  1. Sorry you couldn't get to the Hole-in-the-Wall, but even seeing it from a distance is exciting. And those pebbles do look like jewelry. Beautiful!

    Love the kitty on a leash.

    The GDB looks right at home in the big RV pull-thru!

  2. Great Chuck and Carla anniversary photo!
    Sophie looks so at home in the rain forest. Perhaps this will be her permanent home now that she can open the door by herself.

  3. You are having a wonderful time. It is best when shared with others.

  4. Great place once again. Love the wood pictures.

  5. Just glimpsing the Lazy Daze's enjoying all that beauty with you . . . it tugged at my heart! I think the Pacific Northwest is like Alaska. You know - the saying about "you never come all the way home again". I dream about it constantly even though my current location is more than wonderful. Your pictures are a treasure for me.

    Virtual hugs,



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