Thursday, August 21, 2014

San Juan Islands

I was a lazy tourist yesterday.  But it pays off!  I want to see more of the San Juan Islands 
so I decide to  

What a great trip!

Casting off from Anacortes. 

The crossing is an end in itself and provides several relaxing hours of watching the numerous islands in this exquisite archipelago roll by.

As you can see, the weather is ideal for a 3-hour tour.   A 3-hour tour.  

Many sailors are out enjoying the fine day.

These folks have a nice view of the Olympic Mountains in the background.

The Washington State ferries are very comfortable.  They contain large seating areas,

expansive decks for walking and gawking,

and plenty of picture windows.

I'm not interested in exploring Friday Harbor – too touristy, too crowded.  Too much work!

Fellow passengers waiting to disembark

As always, it's impossible to capture a wide-angle view of any town with my dainty point-and-shoot, so now I’ll be a lazy blogger and share these web images of Friday Harbor.

I stroll around town for a bit but am content to return to the dock within the hour and re-board for the trip home.  

On the way back, the low clouds clear and offer a momentary glimpse of the North Cascades' jagged peaks that make me gasp.  I don't get a good photo of the scene at the time but later that evening, I climb to the Cap Sante Overlook and get this shot of the majestic mountains to the northeast.

This scene intensifies my desire to move on to the Cascades.  Good timing too – as I am there now writing this post! 

This morning I take a last walk about the marina that has provided such a fun and rewarding home-base these past 5 days.  What a memorable stop!  

My pleasure!


  1. This area really, really, really "got to me". All of the blogs about the place these days . . . well, it's drivin' me nutzo! Am so jealous of all of you having such a great time up there. This is the perfect time of year. I was there from just about this time of year until Thanksgiving in 2006. What a glorious time!

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Great Ferry ride. Such beauty once again

  3. I loved the ferry rides to Bremerton & Bainbridge Isles when I was in that area last November. Even saw a seal pop up and then dive on the trip to Bremerton. I REALLY want to make this trip in the Roadtrek!! Just gorgeous up there!!


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