Monday, August 18, 2014

Wharf Rats

It’s been a blast residing at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes.  The marina is just a few steps from town, an extension of town really.

The marina is bustling this weekend as the boating community clings to what's left of the summer. In addition, there is the Pirate Convention (parlay?) complete with eye-patches, jolly rogers, and even occasional cannon-fire.  Some of the pirates look surlier than usual this morning.  Too much grog last night, I guess.

The Harbormaster's Office is a hub of activity with people checking-in and vessels radioing-in.  

Harbor gridlock.

The facilities are much like a campground with showers, restrooms, laundry, and free wi-fi.  Before this experience, I never considered that mooring at a marina is similar to a campground stay - complete with water, electric, propane, and a dump station.

Jim, Gayle, and Debbie arrive Friday so now we are 4 rigs and 5 people.  

Sophie the Cat has learned to open the door!  Here Gayle attempts to keep Sophie in.  

Our noses lead us to a weekend-long community cook-out.  Naturally we indulge in some barbequed ribs, chicken, and sides.  

And pie.  

Debbie and I select and pay for ours pies, after which we realize Suzanne has gone missing. 

Oh, here she is .... down the alley.  In the pie truck!  Chatting up new best friend pie-man Alan. 

We spend a happy Happy Hour at the Rock Fish Grill and Anacortes Brewery.  After being surrounded by craft breweries for the past 2 months, I finally order a sampler platter.  I like 'em all though the India Pale Ale is my least favorite.   

On Saturday Gayle, Debbie, and I cruise the Farmer’s Market where the usual local fare is on offer.

While Suzanne takes off on a weekend island adventure and Gayle & Jim go cycling, Debbie and I walk some 6 miles through town, out to the bay, and back again.  One feature of this rails-to-trails path is a 0.5 miles trestle bridge.  I'ts pretty, despite the fog and heavy cloud cover. 

On Sunday, the clouds finally disperse!  Maybe now we can see the surrounding islands.  Debbie takes me, Rupert, and Elliot on a trot around nearby Washington Park.

Noble Rupert 

In between dodging cars on the narrow paved path, we do get some views of a few of the many San Juan Islands.

Both pups are weary after the big outing 


but Debbie and I are mainly hungry.  So we stop into Dad's Diner A-Go-Go

We both order gorgonzola-cheese burgers. Tasty!  And thoughtfully paired with bottled Coca-Cola.

The skies should remain clear over the next few days, so more exploring of this beautiful part of the world is in order. 

I can’t believe how the summer has flown!  And that it’s almost Labor Day.  There is a crisp hint of fall in the air here.  Autumn means football.  Football means Auburn.  But temps remain in the low 90’s back home so, in that respect, I'm glad to be on the slow-track home.  

Besides, there is still so much more to see and do!  


  1. All I can say is wow, wow, and wow. That BBQ looked good, but bet it can't compare to that from Alabama. As I've said before, you're having too much fun for one trip.:-)

  2. It sounds as if you've been able to camp at the marina--yay! We love Anacortes--great little town! Make sure you go to the Skagit Food Co-op in Mount Vernon. They make their own ice cream & have lots of healthy food choices for lunch!

  3. Those are great shots of Rupert and Elliot! No sunset photos from last night?

    1. I'm working on it. Can't wait to see yours.

  4. Gotta love that marina camping! Some of our favorite memories of the Oregon coast are camping at a marina.

    Really have enjoyed all of your trip. Awesome adventure you have managed to manifest.
    Yes it's getting closer to fall...surely the temps will be moderate by the time you return. Maybe you will oblige us by bringing some crisp 50 degree weather with you!

  5. This has been such a fun trip with some many wonderful places. Maybe I will finally get on the road after Labor Day.


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