Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Missoula, Bozeman, & Kalispell

Does this post title sounds like the name of legal firm?

I’m spending a couple of days here in Bozeman gettin’ stuff done before moving on to Yellowstone.  

I’ve spent the past several days roaming some pretty great towns. 

One of the things I love most about traveling across the country is exploring Main Street.  The advantages of traveling in a lean mean cruising machine!  

The GDB does Missoula

What fun to pull into Small Town USA, park the GDB in the shade, and roam the historic streets.  Not only do I get some good exercise, but also a peek at the America we don’t often read about or see on the news.  

Each place offers unique touches.

Want to know how to get there?  When you hit town, search your GPS for courthouse or library.  

I’ve said it before - if you want to know what’s really going on, park yourself at the local library for some eavesdropping.  Oh, the things you’ll hear!  

Tip: Town gossips are like wildlife – one must sit still and silent before they appear. 

What fun to visit the brewer, the baker, the ice cream cone maker.

Bookstores, courtrooms, and post offices. 

Independent shops with delicious items on display always tempt.  

I want to buy everything up!  Then I remember that I’m a minimalist.  

And that I live in a van. 

Although I manage to find room for Tootsie Pops. 

I hit an unexpected bonus National Park site yesterday, only because there is a sign on I-90 (exemplifying how haphazard my trip planning has been).  The 2,000 acre Grant-Kohrs Ranch dates from 1868 and still operates.

It was a welcome stop at which to learn some history, grab a stamp, and take a long stroll in the beautiful scenery I had been admiring all day from behind the wheel.

And the weather has been ideal – sunny in the 60’s.  Yesterday it was 62 while back home the heat index was 102!  A 40-degree differential – enough to keep me on the road for a while longer. 


  1. I am so glad this trip is working out so beautifully for you. The country you are seeing is so breath taking and the experiences are those to remember and perhaps return to some day. Great going gal.

    1. Thanks Emily! I am so grateful everyday to be doing this.

  2. Yep, I would definitely slow down a bit!! We were in Auburn yesterday and it was hot, hot, hot!!!!
    I just love small town America...it really speaks volumes as to who we are and our cultures.
    You definitely have the perfect RV for exploring these amazing places!!!

    1. You can really feel the pride. Going without TV (and TV news) for 14 weeks also puts things in perspective.

  3. Ahhhhhhh, one of my must sees. Every post or story makes me smile ten fold for that area!#!! We'll setiously, I want to go everywhere!!! What an adventure you're having!!

  4. I need a van. And Tootsie Pops! And scenery like that last photo. And temps in the 60's.

    Thanks for taking me there! :)

  5. The small towns of yesterday that still function today are so sweet. The chair in the library is so inviting and I could sit there all day and read, The Antique Store I have studied the picture for quite a few minutes taking it all in. The fur hat brought back some memories of coming them into some sort of hair style. My dad hated that thing and made me get rid of it. LOL Yes Sharon we need vans.

  6. "How ya' gonna' keep her in Alabam' . . . after she's seen The West? ;->" You know the tune, yah?

    Virtual hugs,



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