Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yellowstone National Park: Part 1

Blogging about Yellowstone is a challenge because this place, this caldera, this active volcano is one of those spots on the planet that defies description, yet begs for it. 

Yellowstone: Drama Queen of the National Park System 

Where else can you see boiling mud?  

I’ve spent a week exploring the meadows

The valleys

The waterfalls

The canyons

The rapids

The thermal features

The rivers

The lakes

And, of course, the planet's most celebrated geyser – Old Faithful.  

I mean, visiting Yellowstone and missing an eruption would be like attending Mardi Gras and leaving without any beads. 

Yes, it’s crowded.  Very.  Everywhere you go, there is a constant stream of cars and people.  But since Labor Day, the tourist population has aged and the world is an infinitely quieter place. 

More to come from this magical place.   


  1. I should be there in about two weeks. :)

    1. Can't wait to hear about it. I expect phenomenal photography (and a run-in with a buffalo or two!).

  2. Ah yes, your last paragraph says it all...the magic time of year when the kids go back to school! Gorgeous photos!

    1. I know! I told John I wanted to celebrate the coming and going of Labor Day like the 4th of July - with fireworks!

  3. Magical is a huge understatement. But I think it's the most descriptive word that we have.

    Do you find yourself so over-awed that you just can't take any more in? I'm afraid that's how I'd feel. :)

    1. Yes, sometimes I feel like my head will explode. But then it always clears before I round the next bend.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. We just left there this morning. It truly is a remarkable place.

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    Now that we have found you, we will follow...but not too closely.

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