Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yellowstone National Park: Part 2

[Note: The ever-agreeable Good Deal Bus is now pointing east for the long journey home.  So today I leave the wild and wondrous West for the prairies of the central plains.]

In the meantime ... 

Hello again from Yellowstone – where the magma is shallow. 

Old Faithful Inn

One day I drove south on the park road to Old Faithful Inn on a sentimental journey.  Our family stayed here in the late 60’s and I believe that trip is when I contracted my chronic gyspy-itis.  Hitch Itch, Wanderlust.  Whatever you want to call it.  Visiting Yellowstone NP was a highlight of my family’s travels.  (And it’s as mind-blowing now as it was then). 

Stepping into the Inn's lobby some 40 years later, I am amazed at the accuracy of my memory regarding the Inn’s fantastic structure.  

Especially its interior – made entirely of wood and stone.  

I remember crawling all over the place like a cockroach.  I kinda did the same thing this time.  

But mostly I thought about my Mom, who has been gone for 15 years. How she would have loved to come back here!  I wish I had made that happen.

Eventually, I manage to find where they keep the ice cream.  I’ve been meaning to try the region’s famed huckleberry flavor and finally got my chance.  

My god, that’s good stuff! 

I sat contentedly enjoying the richly decadent treat overlooking the lobby in one of those big wooden chairs I never forgot.  Suddenly, I was filled with emotion thinking about my Mom.  I miss her every single day.  (She would have gone for the key lime).  


  1. Oh your Mom was watching over you today and smiling. Memories are a wonderful comfort! I luv the knucklehead too,as it stirs memories of childhood picnicking the mountain berries for pancakes. Safe travels homeward!

  2. Forgive the spelling.....l hate auto correct!

  3. My Mom's favorite was maple nut. Dave likes key lime pie but I'm not sure what he would make of key lime ice cream.

    Dave and I visited a park where my family had camped about 45 years ago and I was thrilled to see they still had the chess board so big you picked up pieces and walked across the board to move them. Glad you got to revisit one of your memories.

  4. What a great place to have such wonderful memory's. And what a PLACE! Your ice cream sure looks good.

  5. It's always nice to relive those childhood memories.
    Can't believe it took you that long to try the huckleberry!

  6. It is so special when you can go back to a place years later and find it the same way you remembered it.

    Cherish the memories. :)

  7. Yellowstone is one of our favorite places, and you captured a bit of it's magic in your post. Reliving memories with your mom, priceless. Wishing you a safe journey back toward home, and some SEC football.

  8. Hello again! Talk about bringing back memories. I can never forget the interior of the Old Faithful Inn. We have never stayed there, unfortunately, unless "staying" is sitting for a couple of hours in the lobby just looking upward and around. Unbelievble construction that has stood the test of time, although it almost recently was very close to burning down by forest fire.

    On another note, I noticed your "@ Home" photo. Do you still have the Miata? We are Miata people as well. Just sold a 95. Still have a 2001. Love'm.

    Ed @ Chasing Sunrises and Sunsets


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