Saturday, January 3, 2015

Greetings from River City!

I gave myself a day off from driving in order to explore beautiful downtown San Antonio.

The last few days on the road (I-10 mostly) have been pleasantly uneventful.  Many miles, a little rain, and whole lotta Houston.  My unofficial odometer tally through the city’s urban sprawl was about 40 miles! 

Anyway, back to San Antonio.  First stop today was the Mission San Jose, founded in 1720.  

The architectural craftsmanship is stunning.  

The complex social structures and stable economies that were established here make for a fascinating history lesson. 

And what’s a trip to San Antonio without a visit to the Riverwalk?  

And a water-taxi ride?

Our taxi-boatman did a great job pointing out the historical landmarks, of which there are many, and kept us entertained with his dry (so to speak) humor.   

After a long river stroll, I stumbled upon a street fair 

and had my fill of  …. street-fare!

Just like the last time I was in this part of the world - two years ago - I brought along a cold front.  So cold, in fact, I may need electric hookups tomorrow night in Texas Hill Country where the lows are expected to be in the mid-20’s.

Brrrrr ….. !!!


  1. So sorry I missed you. When you were at Mission San Jose, you were 3/4 mile from where I'm working at Travelers World RV Resort. Would have loved to meet you!


  2. My cousins in the Hill Country are preparing for some really nasty weather. I'm headed that direction sometime in the next month or so. Just sold my truck camper and got a mini-winnie (23 ft long). I call it the roadrunner!

  3. How fun! You look so pretty in the boat photo, and so happy. And yes, I'd get a hook-up site too, in that kind of weather. Brrrrrr!

  4. It should be warm by the time you get to AZ. Mid 20s requires a splurge on electric!

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  6. Didn't know u were on the road again. We're in potters creek Coe just north of San Antonio till Tuesday.

    1. Who knew? I stayed in Kerrville last night and am already considerably south and west of you. Isn't this cold awful?

    2. We're heading that direction also on Tuesday. Headed for Big Bend snd Lajitas. Might still cross paths next few weeks. Safe travels...

  7. Just 40 miles through Houston? You must have taken a short cut. ;).

  8. How fun! I loved the details of the brickwork. And who can resist street fair food?

    I got a kick out of the guy behind you on the water taxi ride. It looks like he was admiring you! (Or maybe he was just smiling for the camera.) :)

    Stay warm and have fun!

  9. Glad to see you on the move again. Hope your path warms up soon!


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