Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lazy Days

There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.  
~ Thoreau ~

The desert day possesses a calm tenor all its own.  Life’s to-do list has gotten very small, yet the hours never drag. 

Given the serene surroundings in addition to time to think, it's hard not to philosophize about life's vagaries, twists, and the general randomness of it all.  For example, I'm caught wondering what got me here – luck, fate, or a combination of forces.  I don't know.  

All I know for sure is that my GPS helped!  

My Walden-On-Wheels 

I had a couple of visitors yesterday – Denise and her beloved Bennie Boy!  I’ve been following Denise’s blog – Sassy’s On Da Road - for a long time.  

It’s hard to tell if the sun is in Bennie’s eyes or he’s just ready for a nap.  

It was great to finally meet them both.

The First Annual Blogger Fest

I suspect this is going to be a big event.  Every single blogger I’ve talked to who is near Q plans to attend. 

Speaking of blogs, after seeing countless desert sunset photos over the years, I’m happy to add to the collection.  The living room window offers this magnificent view most evenings. 

What absolute luxury to have time to watch one of Nature’s most impressive regularly-scheduled programs. 


  1. What an absolutely beautiful sunset!! I imagine that blogger fest will be well attended!! Should be neat meeting other bloggers and putting faces to names and picking up new blogs to follow! Have fun!!

  2. I'm so happy we got to meet today - finally! I'm looking forward to seeing you while you're here - for a couple more days at least, I hope. Yup, we sure have beautiful sunsets. Sometimes I'm not paying attention, then suddenly it gets all pink around me, and I look outside to the most beautiful sight. Lots of times it's prettier in the western sky, with pink mountains in the distance. We're so lucky! :)

  3. The people hosting blogger fest are some I met in 2008, our first year on the road. I think they are going to be surprised at how big a turnout they get. Tell them I said, "Hi" and I hope you all have fun.

  4. wish we could be theree, we have learned so much thru blogging.

  5. Every desert sunset photo I have ever seen is beautiful. There is nothing like that blaze of color anywhere else, I don't think. And they are always new and different.

    Love your contributions! :)


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