Monday, January 26, 2015

More Desert Fun

The view from camp in the morning sun.  Priceless!

Wasn't the timing just perfect for my solar install 10 days ago?  This new-to-me energy source has enabled a long-term hangout in this happy place.

The days have been full, what with the ...


Clockwise from left: Nancy, Jeanne, Denise, Kim
(Photo courtesy of Barbara)

and the ...

Meeting and Greeting

The first-ever BloggerFest was a success with over 50 in attendance.  A mix of full-timers and some-timers.

L to R:  Lynn, Gayle & Jim, Jerry (with Sally).  The SEC is represented here by Tennessee, Florida, and Mississipi. (Alabama is manning the camera).  

Judy (center) is swamped by her fans.

Debbie and Wanda compare notes on Zion National Park.

Jeanne (L) and Barbara (R).

I think we all enjoyed putting faces and voices to the blogs we follow.

You know, I'm old enough to remember the world without internet.  I just can't remember what we did without it!


  1. Enjoyed your post. Sally and I are sitting out enjoying a light rain on the awning. Everyone else has gone to town for laundry. Experiencing the sounds and smells of a desert rainshower. It's just as Al describes it. Yea, SEC...

  2. Kim, I'm so glad I finally got to meet you this year - I hope we can get together and visit again before we all head out. :) Love the photos - everyone has different people on their posts, which is really nice.

  3. What did we do before internet. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You got some really cute pictures of the Bloggerfest. It was great to see you again!

  5. The Blogger fest looks like a blast. Hope they do it again next year!

  6. Enjoyed meeting you..finally! All the nice things Sharon said about you are true!
    Hope this is just the first of our desert meet ups.

  7. So how is that solar working out for you today??

  8. I enjoyed the blogger fest too, but wish I had more time to visit with more folks. :)

  9. If I wasn't here I sure would have loved being there. Glad you got to go. What a great opportunity to meet the people behind the blogs!

  10. sounds like it was a blast. Maybe I can make it the next time.

  11. Read about this over on Judy's blog. Didn't know you were back out there. Glad you got to go!

  12. Now I want a permanently mounted solar panel instead of my suitcase model!

    I really enjoyed the photos of attendees at the Bloggerfest. Wish my mug had been in the pictures! :)


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