Friday, January 16, 2015

More From The RTR

The desert weather continues sunny and warm.  

Palo Verde trees provide a contrast of color and texture against the bright blue desert sky.  At night, the Milky Way provides a breathtaking luminescence. 

Web Photo

So, I’m still hanging with the nomads here at the RTR.  Daily seminars include solar set-ups, boondocking, and budgeting for full-timers, to name a few.  One morning, RTR founder – Bob Wells - led an informative discussion on stealth camping in the city.  

Later that day, Donna and Mark hosted a potato bake.  The potatoes are cooked over coals and then loaded with pick-your-own toppings.  The end result is delicious. 

I spent another afternoon strolling Tyson Wells, the vendor area encompassing 20 acres. 

With blocks and blocks of boxes of rocks  

and all manner of minerals manipulated into mountains of merchandise  

with plenty of opportunity for crystal gazing.

I think my favorite vendor is the deep-discount grocery with its rows of name-brand scratch-and-dent items at bargain prices.  

But really, it’s mostly about the carnival food.  

In the end, I opted for blueberry frozen yogurt instead of a corndog.  (If I only had 2 weeks to live, it would be different). 

In order to get an accurate head-count for this year's RTR, one must just about double the attendance figure to include all the humans + the canines who love them.  I wish I could gather all the 4-footers together for one big goofy group portrait.

I’ve tried to photograph Debbie’s Rupert before but he always comes out as a blur.  Finally, I manage to capture his goofy beguiling expression above.  Rupert has a way of looking deeply into your eyes and saying: Hey Lady, I know you!  Let’s play! 

Here’s Elliot - the straight man of this comic duo.     

Layla hails from Kentucky and travels with Dan. 

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Layla has her own Facebook page and lots of friends.

In other news, the GDB has undergone a much-needed modification to be revealed in the next post. 

Stay tuned!


  1. Great post, Kim! Thanks for all the pictures!

  2. A stealth of dawgs...that would have been too cute. Now I'm envisioning a corn dog...covered in mustard. The Milky!

  3. You sound happy and at peace...... I vote for the frozen yogurt.

  4. I'm happy to hear that you are still enjoying the RTR. And I can't wait to see the new mod!

    I also enjoyed seeing the fur babies. :)

  5. As Barney says, ur having too much fun. Dome rock area tom for a week or so. Look for the casitas and other fg if you happen to b in the area.

    1. Jerry, Send me your co-ordinates. Would love to check out the fiberglass gathering.

  6. Those doggie pics are just too cute!!! I can only imagine the sky out in the!!! Looking forward to hearing about your new mod!!! Solar???


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