Monday, January 12, 2015

Still Life With Nomads

Nothing says Winter Fun like setting up housekeeping in the balmy desert!  

Where else can you regularly get sunshine, highs in the 60’s, and low humidity? 

It's a pleasant combination - agreeable climate, great scenery, and a community of adventurous folks who generously lend a hand.  

Doug changes out the GDB's water heater anode

Woof looks on

Each time I visit the Sonoran desert, I fall a little more in love.  The surrounding beauty captivates.  

Then there's the showy Saguaro.  Growing as high as 60-feet, the first arms don’t appear until the plant is some 75 – 100 years old.  These majestic green towers produce flowers and fruit in addition to providing homes for all manner of native birds.  Fortunately, the State of Arizona protects these wizened wonders from harm.  

The Saguaro are noble creatures, to be sure, but it’s hard not to get all anthropomorphic and silly about them.

A welcoming family of three

Gumby meets Picasso

Cactopus?  A specimen with 8 arms.  

Botanists classify Saguaro as ‘tree-like’ so I guess that means we don’t have to hug ‘em.  I’m just sayin’ – ouch

And if all this wasn’t grand enough …. Debbie’s here!


  1. Love the saguaro cacti! they make me think of a cartoony monster.

  2. Lol, yep hugging not recommended! The desert looks wonderful.....Hi to you and Debbie.....enjoy all the warm weather!

  3. Your line "visit the Sonoran desert, I fall a little more in love"...totally agree!!!! Love being back in this place!!!!

    Have lots of fun!!!

  4. I didn't know you were on the road and you came thru Tucson! Sure wish I would have known. Hope you enjoy your visit to our Sonoran desert.

  5. Love your patio....perfect setting!!

  6. I agree, this desert just grows on me, too. The Saguaro and Octillo are my favorites. I recently replaced my anode rod, too. That's always a good job done! :)

  7. We never tire of the Sonoran desert. Looks like the RTR is in a lovely location. Glad you are having fun. See you soon!

  8. Looking forward to seeing some of those "trees", and enjoying those temperatures next sometime next week. Keep on having fun.....

  9. I learned something new from you--again! 75-100 years for those cacti to start growing arms? I didn't even know they lived that long.

    Woof's a beautiful dog.

    The GDB looks like she's right at home. With a new anode rod -- cool! :)

  10. The view is captivating! Despite the few difficulties along the way, seeing amazing sceneries like these is what makes living on the road exciting! I wish you more thrilling adventures on the road. And thanks for sharing your journey with us!

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