Monday, January 5, 2015

West of Texas

A milestone moment.

The past 5 days cranking out the miles across Texas on I-10 felt like a marathon.  Probably because it is.  Almost 900 miles in the saddle (as we say in Texas).  

There was a lot of this ....

... and a lot of Rest Areas breaks ...

... where I toasted a lot of tortillas.

Yearning to escape the gravity of endless West Texas, I was happy just to see the simulated state line pop up on my GPS.  No offense to my Texan blog-readers!

With the low temps, I’ve been burning through the propane and, desperate for a refill, I spent an enormous amount of time today searching for some.  Due to the cold snap and the influx of snowbirds (like me), everyone I tried in Fort Stockton was out.  

I finally located a stash at a Flying J outside of El Paso.  After all that searching, the fill-up was momentous enough to warrant a photo. 

I’m staying the night in a nice Escapees campground in Deming, NM -  Dreamcatcher RV Park.  I’m all plugged in and cozy in anticipation of another sub-freezing night.   

Should be a leisurely drive to Tucson tomorrow where it will be in the mid-70's.


  1. Will you still be around Tucson for the 2015 Escapees Escapade in March?

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Not sure, Judie. I expect I'll be home or close to it by then.

  2. It's nice here in Tucson! You'll be happy with our climate.

  3. Ah, yes, the seemingly never ending West Texas. I was always very glad to get to Dreamcatcher.

  4. Texas does seem endless when you are trying to drive through it. Glad you found propane -- and glad you are all snugged in with hookups for tonight.

  5. I ran out, too, on Wednesday, with Thursday a holiday that I forgot. No propane, everything was closed. That's only the second time I've run out, but I know it can be frustrating to find a propane place for our RV tanks. I've started compiling a list of places I find so I'll know the next time I'm in the area. Enjoy the Escapees park and the HEAT in the rig! :)

  6. We're always happy to see that New Mexico sign. Hate to hear propane is in short supply. We have been going through a tank every few days with a propane campfire.

  7. I think you'll find enjoyable temps once you get to AZ. The forecast is for warming over the next week. With the recent cold blast lots of places were out of propane.

  8. Just missed you! We were in Deming last night at Sunrise RV. It was 21 degrees. Were all those wrecked 18 wheelers still on the road when you came through? Glad we stayed safe.
    Have a great time...maybe see you in the desert.

    Hope to see you somewhere in the desert!

  9. Even some of us Texans let out a resounding "WOOPPEEEEE!!" at the sight of that New Mexico sign! ;-)

  10. YIPPEEEEE ! You're headed this way again. HOPEFULLY I won't be SICK this year and we'll actually be able to meet "in person". I'm still in Yuma right now but will be headed back up to Q likely sometime this weekend.


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