Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Yuma Fun and Sun

We all keep forgetting it’s not summer everywhere!

But then, we also never know what time it is.  Or what day it is. Seriously. Because it really doesn’t matter. 

I think back to my past life as an overwhelmed schedule-slave to back-to-back meetings, endless stacks of papers, to-do lists far longer than hours in a day, and waking up in the morning knowing I was already behind. 

But this life?  I might as well be living in an alternate universe. 

Back to the Base

Last week Jim invited Debbie and me for another day at the Yuma Proving Ground.  We had a great time strolling all over the base and visiting the many fine facilities – the community center, theater, dog parks, commissary, and library.  We could have spent the night on these comfy library couches. Real furniture is always a welcome treat for an RVer!  

We also stopped by the bowling alley for some vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

Jim sure knows how to show the girls a good time!

Scandinavian Festival

Saturday was also fun-filled as we attended the Sons of Norway Scandinavian Festival.  

Me and Thor

Debbie, (she of Norwegian ancestry), guides us through the various booths and smorgasbords.  

Though there is live music, sadly, we have no opportunity to polka. Here we are sharing a waffle and some other Nordic treat (names which I have forgotten, probably due to the overabundance of vowels). 

We also come away with some heavenly homemade pickled herring, polish it off before any photos are taken, and are left wanting more. 

Speaking of food ….

Prison Brewing Company

Debbie and I set our hearts on returning to Old Town Yuma to feast on this dish served up at the Prison Brewing Company.  We heard encouraging scouting reports about this grilled burger and, well, just had to. 

Extreme close-up of the topping.  That's a deep-fried avocado half, people!

We were delighted when Suzanne was able to join us and she ordered The Shank as well.  Note the embedded 'file' in the burger.  And the prison-inspired serving plates above.  Our booth has a name: Holding Cell 3.

And yes, the burger and fries are as good as they look.  The beer flight was pretty tasty too.

El Cositos

The following day, Debbie and I made a trip to town to do laundry and tacos.  If ever you are in Yuma, this taco stand is a must.  Suzanne and Debbie were there a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't wait to try it.

The fresh corn tortillas are cooked-to-order.  I’ve never had such over-the-top delicious fish or shrimp tacos.

We plan to return.  Over and over.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Los Algodones, Mexico

So what’s a winter in Yuma without a good dental cleaning?

Suzanne, Debbie, and I show off our freshly-polished smiles.  

Crossing the border for an appointment with one of the many Los Algodones dentists is a rite of passage for snowbirds.

Thanks to Dr. Eva Urena and staff.  Doesn't she have a beautiful office building?

Web Photo

Suzanne proudly displays her pesos before paying the $35 cleaning bill.  What a bargain!

Next on the agenda - what else? - food and drink.

We pass a fun afternoon of strolling, dodging street vendors, and browsing the many offerings of drugs and alcohol.

Relax .... everyone does it!

Entering Mexico is a breeze – we stroll right in, no lines, no waiting.  Re-entering the U.S. is another issue altogether but we gab away the 30-minute wait through Customs. (I had to marvel at the realization that, just 6 months ago, Debbie and I crossed into yet another foreign country and spent the day in Victoria, British Columbia).  

Meanwhile back at the desert oasis that is our temporary home ...

... life continues good.

Scenes of happy domesticity.

Happy Hour (courtesy of  Nina)

Jeanne gives me a knitting demonstration.

She is so talented!  Here is a selection of  her pretty handcrafted notebooks.

La Chica and me share the sunset.

Suzanne gave me a beautiful bouquet of Tootsie Pops for my birthday last week!

Dapper Riley

Irresistible Chica


Friday, February 13, 2015

Exploring Yuma

The desert fun continues.  Though the temps remain higher than advertised, it’s hard to complain.  Particularly when the mid-day highs are mitigated simply by finding some shade. 

It’s too hot for hiking but still … we manage to find some fun.

Farmer's Market

Wednesday, Jeanne, Barbara and I visited the Farmer’s Market in Old Town Yuma.  

Barbara and Katie find a nifty tee.

My sole purchase is an intensely delicious $1.50 taco.  !Muy bueno!

Later we dropped in at Best Buy.  Barbara left with an iPad, me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  Then, of course, we did the mandatory Wal-Mart run.

Jeanne and Riley

Meanwhile back at camp, Jim and C.B. work to replace one of Jim and Gayle's damaged solar panels.

Yuma Proving Ground

Thursday was an amazing day and I sure regret leaving my camera in its holster.  In a meet-up long in the making, after 30-something years, I finally met John’s old college pal, Jim.  After a nice lunch and an all-too-brief attempt at 3 decades of catching-up, Jim treated Debbie and I to a VIP tour of the airfield that Jim manages at the Yuma Proving Grounds.  What a thrill!  We plan to return to the museum next week. 

Arizona Marketplace

Yesterday, 5 of us girls headed to town once more for a few hours of strolling the massive Arizona Marketplace.  Replete with vendors, browsing the covered shops was a perfect way to spend the day.

The market has lots of 4-legged customers.  

We have more heat-resistant activities planned over the next few weeks.  

Stay tuned!  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mittry Lake, AZ

The Mittry Lake Wildlife Area is a sweet spot – scenic and quiet. 

The route from Yuma contains miles of agricultural land.  That lettuce you have tucked away in your crisper right now probably came from here. 

We've amassed quite a group here – Jeanne, Barbara, Chris, C.B., Debbie, Suzanne, Jim & Gayle

My 4 days here have been unapologetically spent reading, puzzle-solving, happy-houring, and gazing towards where the mountains meet the sky.  Noble pursuits, if you ask me. 

Unseasonable heat has been a disappointment; it’s fully 10 degrees warmer than usual for this time of year.  We’ve endured a string of days in the mid-80’s.  Yes, it’s dry heat, but heat nonetheless.  And shade is in short supply. 

It is the desert, after all.

The area is surrounded by rugged, unmarked trails.  And Big Horn Sheep, though I’ve yet to spot any.  Debbie sighted several the other morning.  

Six of us took off for a hike yesterday morning.  I turned back when 1/2 of my water supply was gone.  My Girl Scout Troop Leader would be so proud!  

This peak offered a view with a breeze.  I have no cell service back at camp but managed to get a signal at the top here.

Can anyone identify this raptor?   Help us out, Judy!

The hope is that it’s a juvenile golden eagle, but the consensus is that it’s probably a hawk of some sort; (though certainly larger than any hawk I’ve ever seen). 

Meanwhile, my solar panel continues to do its magical thing.  The idiot light to the far right tells me the battery is fully-charged.  Oh, how that little green light makes my heart sing!

Note: before you express concern, the holding and grey tank lights are hopelessly inaccurate. 

That's all for now.  However, I fully expect to have more blog-worthy activities to report soon.  

Stay tuned!