Friday, February 13, 2015

Exploring Yuma

The desert fun continues.  Though the temps remain higher than advertised, it’s hard to complain.  Particularly when the mid-day highs are mitigated simply by finding some shade. 

It’s too hot for hiking but still … we manage to find some fun.

Farmer's Market

Wednesday, Jeanne, Barbara and I visited the Farmer’s Market in Old Town Yuma.  

Barbara and Katie find a nifty tee.

My sole purchase is an intensely delicious $1.50 taco.  !Muy bueno!

Later we dropped in at Best Buy.  Barbara left with an iPad, me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  Then, of course, we did the mandatory Wal-Mart run.

Jeanne and Riley

Meanwhile back at camp, Jim and C.B. work to replace one of Jim and Gayle's damaged solar panels.

Yuma Proving Ground

Thursday was an amazing day and I sure regret leaving my camera in its holster.  In a meet-up long in the making, after 30-something years, I finally met John’s old college pal, Jim.  After a nice lunch and an all-too-brief attempt at 3 decades of catching-up, Jim treated Debbie and I to a VIP tour of the airfield that Jim manages at the Yuma Proving Grounds.  What a thrill!  We plan to return to the museum next week. 

Arizona Marketplace

Yesterday, 5 of us girls headed to town once more for a few hours of strolling the massive Arizona Marketplace.  Replete with vendors, browsing the covered shops was a perfect way to spend the day.

The market has lots of 4-legged customers.  

We have more heat-resistant activities planned over the next few weeks.  

Stay tuned!  


  1. We really enjoyed all the fresh produce in the Yuma area. Lots of stuff in that museum at the Proving Grounds. Enjoy..

  2. It's much cooler in NM and TX! And that makes me happy!

  3. We loved Yuma--thank you for new items for our list next year.

  4. You sure are getting around a whole lot more this year. Good on ya !!

  5. Thanks for the great tour. Loved the palms and water photo, and the meeting with Barbara looked like fun.

    Best of all, I loved the doggie photos. I dream of having a long-haired chihuahua someday like the one in your photo.

  6. We sure haven't had a heat problem in Georgia is bitter cold!!
    Love Yuma and so glad you were able to connect with good friends!! The shopping looks fantastic :-)


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