Monday, February 23, 2015

Los Algodones, Mexico

So what’s a winter in Yuma without a good dental cleaning?

Suzanne, Debbie, and I show off our freshly-polished smiles.  

Crossing the border for an appointment with one of the many Los Algodones dentists is a rite of passage for snowbirds.

Thanks to Dr. Eva Urena and staff.  Doesn't she have a beautiful office building?

Web Photo

Suzanne proudly displays her pesos before paying the $35 cleaning bill.  What a bargain!

Next on the agenda - what else? - food and drink.

We pass a fun afternoon of strolling, dodging street vendors, and browsing the many offerings of drugs and alcohol.

Relax .... everyone does it!

Entering Mexico is a breeze – we stroll right in, no lines, no waiting.  Re-entering the U.S. is another issue altogether but we gab away the 30-minute wait through Customs. (I had to marvel at the realization that, just 6 months ago, Debbie and I crossed into yet another foreign country and spent the day in Victoria, British Columbia).  

Meanwhile back at the desert oasis that is our temporary home ...

... life continues good.

Scenes of happy domesticity.

Happy Hour (courtesy of  Nina)

Jeanne gives me a knitting demonstration.

She is so talented!  Here is a selection of  her pretty handcrafted notebooks.

La Chica and me share the sunset.

Suzanne gave me a beautiful bouquet of Tootsie Pops for my birthday last week!

Dapper Riley

Irresistible Chica



  1. Love the Mexican smiles! And if someone gave me a Tootsie Pop bouquet they would be my friend, too! :D

    So glad you are having such a wonderful time with such great people.

  2. Oh, oh!! One day hope to make that dental run...what a beautiful office indeed!

  3. Oh, oh!! One day hope to make that dental run...what a beautiful office indeed!

  4. Awww... very nice post. Miss everyone already!

  5. Dr. Eva would not have been happy about that Tootsie Pop bouquet. She has enough to do already! ;-) Fun!

  6. Love the happy smiles! And the web photo of the building is beautiful. I'd love to live there. Did you guys get the high winds the last few days? Boy, today was sure a pleasure with just light breezes. :)


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