Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Leaving Yuma

Whew!  Hot, Hot, Yuma Hot!

Yesterday’s high was 107.  But it’s a dry heat.  So yeah …. it only felt like 101. 

We’ve spent several afternoons chillin’ in the clubhouse – we stream, we nosh, we read, and generally stayed cool. 

I have to say though, good things have come from our month-long stay at the YPG.  For instance, I had a crash-course on living in the GDB in extreme heat.  

By using the cooling system more than I ever expected (or wanted) to, I’ve learned at what point to set the thermostat to keep my poor van from melting while I’m elsewhere.  Also, thanks to Debbie’s suggestion, I experimented with the fan option to maximize the A/C.  It makes a difference!

I also attempted to knock the rust off my bowling skills, but met with only partial success.  

It was a blast though! 

One afternoon, these visitors appeared right across from our sites.  

The sweet creatures stood there for a while as if expecting to be let in.  We’ve been told there is a hole in the fence nearby and, failing that, the burros often enter through the main gate.

Jim shared this photo

Then there was a fun evening in town dining with Chris and Jimbo at the Elks Lodge.

The not-so-good: for about 10 days, I was suffering some respiratory symptoms that continued to worsen.  Realizing on Friday that I wasn’t going to get better without help, Debbie drove me to a walk-in clinic in town.  Diagnosis: bronchitis, sinusitis, and otitis.  Pretty impressive!  

After 5 days on much-needed prescription meds, I am feeling better, though still not 100%. 

We leave tomorrow and have spent these last days with pre-departure chores. 

 Stay tuned!  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pool Hall Regulars



Debbie and I saw this photo displayed at Lute's Casino while lunching in downtown Yuma.  It cracked us up because we've been playing a lot of pool lately, in a room eerily similar to the one in the original photo.

We immediately decided to replicate the print for our own amusement.

(Original photo: Abigail Heyman)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Slow Hot Day in Yuma

The GDB (Good Deal Bus) gets a GDB (Good Darn Bubblebath). 

Next, a visit with the goofy neighbors boys.

The End!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Odds and Ends from Yuma

We are about to wrap-up a 1-month stay at the Yuma Proving Grounds Desert Breeze RV Resort.

Or, as I call it, Camp Boom-Boom 

This is a record for me staying in one spot.  It’s been (mostly) fun but not very blog-worthy unless you are into pretty bad amateur bowling. 

Debbie and I have kept busy, not only working on our bowling skills, but doing the gym, movies, cheeseburgers, billiards, dog walking, and even had a brief bout with a jigsaw puzzle.  Good clean living, as Glenn would say.

And then, there is work.  The RV Park clubhouse has offered my most traditional office set-up yet. 

Occasionally we make the half-hour drive into town via Highway 24 which passes by some divine date farms. 

In town, we spot a rare two-headed semi!

This stationary interlude has allowed time for a home improvement project.  I picked up some window film at Home Depot. 



The covering provides privacy, a nice pop of color, and is more attractive than the closed curtain. 

I also picked up some incredibly realistic battery-operated candles at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  

Amazing how something so simple can enhance this small space in such a big way. 

I’m giving this e-cloth a trial run.  

I read about these sponges on Teardropping In Paradise and ordered one from Amazon. What attracted me is the soap-free feature and the fact that they can be machine washed (300 times!). That's about 6 years of use. 

We’ve had discussions on other blogs about cracked and bleeding fingertips – a problem I’m convinced results from the drying effects of dishwashing liquid.  So far, the sponge performs as advertised and exceeds my expectations on tough stains – like that stubborn microwaved-coffee-mug one. 

Speaking of RV gadgets, I want to share this Kinivo battery-operated mini-speaker that is so handy in my tiny space.  I've used it for a couple of years now.

The Kinivo was a suggestion from a fellow Roadtrekker – thanks Joni!  The little cutie supplements my laptop speakers and is helpful for listening to podcasts while driving. 

Next week, we leave Yuma and head west.  Way back in January, I expected to be heading east by now but there is more fun to be had.  

Stay tuned! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blogging Break

Still here in Yuma, staying at an RV Park for as long as the temperatures allow.  While here, I’ll take a break from blogging and perhaps do a summary write-up one day.

But I just wanted to assure everyone that life is good, all is well, and that the GDB has not sailed into the Here-There-Be-Dragons sector of the map. 

Talk To You Soon! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fun on Land, Sea, and Air

I admit that the title of this post crosses over into hyperbole ... but not by much!


Jim’s good friend and neighbor, Rob, invited the Mittry Lake vagabonds for a Sunday cruise on the Colorado River.  Chris, Jimbo, Gayle, Suzanne, Debbie, Bradford, Jim, and I climb aboard Rob’s pontoon boat and motor away. 

Captain Rob and First Mate Bradford

The scenery is absolutely beautiful.  The banks of the Colorado are lined with rushes and desert palms.  This distinctive foliage against the desert mountain backdrop make it seem as though we are floating up the Nile.  One certainly wouldn't think Oh yeah ... Arizona.

Unfortunately none of that is conveyed by these photos.  I was too busy gawking to capture much of it!

Jim, Debbie, and Kim amidships

Suzanne and Gayle aft

We stop at 2 lakes along the way and later moor for lunch in a sheltered cove - a short hike away from this abandoned miner’s cabin. 

Suzanne and Chris

We encounter some gridlock in one of the narrow passages

and run aground on a few shallow sandbars.  Debbie disembarks and helps Rob push us out of trouble.

Debbie and Chris

We have a fantastic time and are so grateful to Rob for his generous hospitality!


Yesterday Jim takes Bradford, Debbie, and me to the annual Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Airshow.  

On the way to the Marine base, Bradford gives me a tutorial on Plants versus Zombies.  Even playing upside down, he manages to fend off a vicious attack of the undead.  

I was really looking forward to the event as I have fond childhood memories of our annual airshows at Minot AFB.  The entire town would show up for the occasion, as they seem to in Yuma.  It is packed!  Fortunately, Jim has a VIP pass for a quick entry and getaway.  And - bonus - the weather is great. 

Watching the Osprey perform is rather like an optical illusion, as it hovers and even goes in reverse!

 Stunt fliers wow the crowd

as do this wing-walking husband-and-wife team.  (Mister flies the plane).

The Search and Rescue Team gives an impressive demonstration.

Debbie and I spot this aircraft and have the same thought: An Airstream!.  

A team of paratroopers suit Bradford up for a jump as he struggles to remain upright in the heavy equipment.

There is even a Classic Car display.

And plenty of opportunity to climb all over and into the exhibits.  

And, BTW for you smart-alecks back home, here's proof that this blog isn’t all about the tacos.


Elliot, Debbie, Chris

The other day, three of us do a short hike from camp and enjoy the early signs of a desert Spring. 

Ocotillo Blooms

A bee revels in the blossom of a Beavertail Cactus

Rupert, on the other hand, is more concerned with his ongoing harassment of the lizard population.

Our stay at Mittry Lake is coming to a close as our most excellent nomadic group disbands (for now) and its members scatter in all directions.  

What a lovely home this has been!