Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Leaving Yuma

Whew!  Hot, Hot, Yuma Hot!

Yesterday’s high was 107.  But it’s a dry heat.  So yeah …. it only felt like 101. 

We’ve spent several afternoons chillin’ in the clubhouse – we stream, we nosh, we read, and generally stayed cool. 

I have to say though, good things have come from our month-long stay at the YPG.  For instance, I had a crash-course on living in the GDB in extreme heat.  

By using the cooling system more than I ever expected (or wanted) to, I’ve learned at what point to set the thermostat to keep my poor van from melting while I’m elsewhere.  Also, thanks to Debbie’s suggestion, I experimented with the fan option to maximize the A/C.  It makes a difference!

I also attempted to knock the rust off my bowling skills, but met with only partial success.  

It was a blast though! 

One afternoon, these visitors appeared right across from our sites.  

The sweet creatures stood there for a while as if expecting to be let in.  We’ve been told there is a hole in the fence nearby and, failing that, the burros often enter through the main gate.

Jim shared this photo

Then there was a fun evening in town dining with Chris and Jimbo at the Elks Lodge.

The not-so-good: for about 10 days, I was suffering some respiratory symptoms that continued to worsen.  Realizing on Friday that I wasn’t going to get better without help, Debbie drove me to a walk-in clinic in town.  Diagnosis: bronchitis, sinusitis, and otitis.  Pretty impressive!  

After 5 days on much-needed prescription meds, I am feeling better, though still not 100%. 

We leave tomorrow and have spent these last days with pre-departure chores. 

 Stay tuned!  


  1. Oh my...it's no fun being sick in that kind of miserable heat. I hope you get to some cooler temps soon!

  2. Since I'm in the same heat until next week, I'd be interested to know about the fan being set on low? Safe travels tomorrow!

  3. Oh, no! I had no idea you were sick! I am so sorry! I'll bet it is the cursed AC! Hard to adapt to that when our RVing lungs are primed for fresh air! Hope you are feeling better.. A change of venue will do you good! ;-)

  4. The pollution here ought to be good for your ailing lungs! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.

  5. Always someone around making asses of themselves.


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