Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Odds and Ends from Yuma

We are about to wrap-up a 1-month stay at the Yuma Proving Grounds Desert Breeze RV Resort.

Or, as I call it, Camp Boom-Boom 

This is a record for me staying in one spot.  It’s been (mostly) fun but not very blog-worthy unless you are into pretty bad amateur bowling. 

Debbie and I have kept busy, not only working on our bowling skills, but doing the gym, movies, cheeseburgers, billiards, dog walking, and even had a brief bout with a jigsaw puzzle.  Good clean living, as Glenn would say.

And then, there is work.  The RV Park clubhouse has offered my most traditional office set-up yet. 

Occasionally we make the half-hour drive into town via Highway 24 which passes by some divine date farms. 

In town, we spot a rare two-headed semi!

This stationary interlude has allowed time for a home improvement project.  I picked up some window film at Home Depot. 



The covering provides privacy, a nice pop of color, and is more attractive than the closed curtain. 

I also picked up some incredibly realistic battery-operated candles at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  

Amazing how something so simple can enhance this small space in such a big way. 

I’m giving this e-cloth a trial run.  

I read about these sponges on Teardropping In Paradise and ordered one from Amazon. What attracted me is the soap-free feature and the fact that they can be machine washed (300 times!). That's about 6 years of use. 

We’ve had discussions on other blogs about cracked and bleeding fingertips – a problem I’m convinced results from the drying effects of dishwashing liquid.  So far, the sponge performs as advertised and exceeds my expectations on tough stains – like that stubborn microwaved-coffee-mug one. 

Speaking of RV gadgets, I want to share this Kinivo battery-operated mini-speaker that is so handy in my tiny space.  I've used it for a couple of years now.

The Kinivo was a suggestion from a fellow Roadtrekker – thanks Joni!  The little cutie supplements my laptop speakers and is helpful for listening to podcasts while driving. 

Next week, we leave Yuma and head west.  Way back in January, I expected to be heading east by now but there is more fun to be had.  

Stay tuned! 


  1. When I was young I was a pretty good bowler. Not any more. The last time I tried, I couldn't even remember how many steps to take before releasing the ball. ;(

    1. I could never grasp how to keep score; so I never bowled again! Now it's automatic, along with the 6'o'clock news, apparently. I'm the proud owner of the T-shirt that states: YOU PROMISED THERE'D BE NO MATH! (Wore it to visit the tax man. He never noticed.)

  2. I am about as good at bowling as I am at golf, which is horrible. So glad you are staying out west a bit longer!

  3. The two-headed semi made me laugh out loud. I love your new window film. Glad to see you having enough fun to stay longer--the SE USA had a real winter this year. It snowed twice in Durham, NC, while I was there!

  4. All sorts off new goodies for the GDB. Those lil speakers work great for rainstorms gets pretty hard to hear the laptop in a good down pour.

  5. Cracked fingertips or heels are often a sign of not enough Omega 3 oils in your diet. I had horribly cracked heels so started taking krill oil daily, and two weeks later, all better! Flaxseed & nuts are also a good source of Omega 3's.

  6. You're welcome!! And, thank YOU for the idea for the kitchen window film. Soooo doing that! :)

  7. Or you could name the artillery range Camp Zip-Boom-Bah. No wait, that's the name people like to call the KOAs. Not in our experience, though. We pulled into a KOA in Northern CA just as the manager was heading out. So he sticks his head into our van and says angrily: "What do you want?" Hmmm… "Outta here, thank you!" Back to the ol' Walmart.

  8. The window looks great. If that sponge can clean tea and coffee stains I need it.


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