Thursday, April 9, 2015

More San Diego

... where the weather is always fine.

Point Loma

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We spent part of a gloriously beautiful Monday at Cabrillo National Monument located on Point Loma.  The views of the city are far too spectacular to capture with my point-and-shoot but this gives you some idea.  

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The monument also contains the Old Point Loma Lighthouse which lit up the coast beginning in 1855.  However, after a only 36 years, a new lighthouse was constructed at another area of the point due to the frequent low clouds at this location.  

Thanks to Suzanne for the following photo shares: 

It was a treat to tour here with Suzanne, who added yet another lighthouse visit to her impressive list.  Sadly, the tower itself is not accessible the day we are there. 

Suzanne looks down on me and Debbie 

We Have a Cow

Things were going quite well until we stopped for a late lunch at Millers Field, a sports bar that was packed (and oh so loud!), filled as it was with Padre fans watching the season opener against the cross-state rival Dodgers.

But we were there for the Twofer burger menu.  Our pre-determined strategy was to order 4 burgers to split between the 3 of us.  Seeing the amount of food delivered to our table was disquieting and also slightly embarrassing.

But we got over it quickly and proceeded to devour almost all of it like the pigs we now know we are.  And yes, it was delicious. 

Our waitress goes above-and-beyond to capture an aerial shot of our greedy feast. 

We paid for our gluttony the rest of day as we waddled around feeling disagreeable around the midsection.  As in …. Now, where did I pack those sweatpants? 

Next on the agenda was grocery shopping at Sprouts and Trader Joe’s and I can tell you, I’ve never felt less like buying groceries. 

USS Midway

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Military history aside, I wanted to visit this WW II aircraft carrier as I’ve never been on an oceangoing vessel this large.  The tour is extensive (and self-guided with the aid of an audio device).

Winding your way through the ship takes you through bulkheads that seem to stretch to infinity.

After leaving the Midway, my all-day transit pass did not go to waste.

Taking the Trolley

After strolling the Embarcadero, I landed in

A beautiful area filled with nice architecture and overpriced bistros. 

Noodle Heads

The day ended with a rendezvous at Ocean Beach

for dinner.

We heard good things and thus were willing to endure a 40-minute wait for a table in the tiny eatery. Warning: this is not a place you want to go for some conversation with friends.

My camera must have been rocked by the decibels.

The beer was good as were the crispy noodles but, once again, we were blasted with a continuously deafening din from patrons shouting to be heard over the ear-shattering music.

What is up with that? 


  1. I lived in San Diego for 50 years and can confirm that the weather is (almost) always nice. So nice that I called it plain vanilla and looked forward to experiencing more weather while on the road! I have learned I can live without humidity!

    That was an insane feast you had at Millers Field! We visited the version of OB Noodle House on Niagara St and were underwhelmed by the food. But at least we were able to sit outside so the noise was not so oppressive!

  2. That picture of our miniature waitress standing on that giant chair is absolutely hilarious!

  3. It's always loud in the "hip and cool" restaurants. I avoid them like the plague! Maureen at

  4. Those burgers look delicious. I may need to find a town


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