Monday, April 6, 2015

San Diego!

We make it to San Diego Saturday.  Though I didn't plan to travel this far west, I'm thrilled to be here as it's a city I've long wanted to explore.  The long-rumored ideal weather that San Diego is famous for holds true for now.  Yesterday's high was 68!  Although, given the drought conditions, it would be nice to see some water falling from the sky.  

Jim and Gayle preceded our arrival by a couple of weeks and are waiting on us.  It's so good to be back with this great group of nomads!  We celebrate our reunion in predictable ways.

Jim strains the beer.  (Don't ask).

Mission Bay RV Park is located on – where else? – Mission Bay.  

Web photo.  We are down there somewhere. 

The park boasts a great location for visiting the city but ..... can you tell it’s a little crowded?

Of course, it is Easter Weekend and Spring Break.

Sunday morning Jim (angel that he is) drives us all to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.  

Web Photo

It’s my kind of street fair - the food vendors outweigh the goods vendors.  I (almost) fill up on samples alone.  

Debbie models the giant artichokes.

There is much exotic fare on offer.  This agreeable British gentleman bites into a sea urchin as we watch.  He pronounces it rather like ‘custard’. 

We pass. 

Not sure where Gayle got off to for this photo.  Perhaps she thought our behavior reflected badly on her.  

L to R: Debbie, Suzanne, Me

We also make a stop at the Hillcrest Brewery (you’ll just have to take my word for it as I was taking a camera-break).  Then on to a very successful browse-and-buy through our favorite clothing establishments.  

You never know what you're gonna find.  

Just a beautiful Sunday afternoon spent goofin' around.   

Stay tuned - lots more to come!  


  1. IM excited to see how you all like it there. Wish our paths could've crossed, but we got going north early. Drink some extra beer for me, ok?

  2. I guess our paths are just destined to cross at some point. In the meantime, I'll be happy to fulfill your request!

  3. I have been gone awhile and am enjoying catching up. What fun!

  4. What fun!!!

    Putting San Diego on our to do list!

  5. San Diego sounds like a nice place to visit, though I relate it with Navy boot camp way back in the last century. Heading for Loachapoka, AL in a week or so. Any suggestions?.


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