Monday, April 27, 2015

Southwest Trip Expense Report

Though it's hard to put a price on this .... 

The Desert Southwest Winter 2015 Tour proved to be the least costly roadtrip yet! 
114 days/ 16 weeks 2 days
5,480 miles

    $ 854

       (51 %)
(40 nights)       

   $ 778



     $ 43

   $ 1675
Average Cost
$14.70 /day

$104 /week

Credit this solely to steeply lower gas prices.  The range of fuel costs for this trip was $1.89 – $2.37 per gallon.  The result: only 51% of my travel expenses were incurred at the pump, 

Compare this to as much as 89% on other long trips.  

Another notable take-away from this tally is that, had I boondocked the entire time, my trip costs would be halved!

I’ve never spent anywhere near this amount on campground fees before, and yet managed an average nightly cost of less than $20.

Note: as always, the expense report does not include groceries, dining out, sightseeing etc...  I would be buying food at home anyway and those other miscellaneous expenses are met from the weekly pocket money I would also be spending at home.

Here's an example of the way to cash-flow some fun!

I share this data in order to give other some-timers and wanna-bes an indication of just how affordable this type of extended travel can be.  

Hope this helps some of you out there! 


  1. Oh the price of a great looking Margarita makes the trip worth it. If you continue to boondock the price of your solar will be paid for in no time. Here's to many more adventures!

  2. You done good, girl. Well worth the money spent.

  3. We spend a lot more because we have a much larger motorhome and do not consider this a vacation. We almost never boondock or drycamp, but I do try to pinch pennies a bit by not eating out, and not staying at really expensive resorts.

    Funny how traveling with a husband requires more little extras that a single van dweller can easily do without. So I guess it's all his fault! Oh well he earned most of the money we are spending.

  4. Yes, had we been drinking margaritas in Alabama instead of Algodones, it would not have been near as economical. But I propose that additional cost savings can be obtained by kidnapping your husband, the chef, and bringing him along on the next boondock to char us up some burgers and bacon! ;-)

    1. Agreed. That’s what our caravan needs - a chuckwagon!

  5. Clearly, this type of travel is MUCH better than travel using hotels plus restaurants for every meal! Of course, I am biased... ;-)

  6. Those numbers are amazing! Who would have believed you could have so much fun for such a modest expenditure!


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