Friday, April 17, 2015

West Texas

Mention crossing Texas to road-trippers and you’ll get an eye-roll.  Mention traveling through West Texas and you’ll get the eye-roll and some profanity as well.

Actually, the landscape between El Paso and San Antonio is quite lovely.  

It’s just the endlessness of it that causes the whining.  The sprawling mesas, green this time of year, impart a sense of unmatched vastness. 

Not to mention the buttes.

At the moment, the wildflowers are stunning, though not meant to be photographed at 65 MPH. 

I stayed behind the slow-moving thunderstorms all day, only reaching them about 40 miles from my destination.  After 4 months in the desert, the rain is a novelty. 

My radar map proved invaluable today.  It's free from Amazon.  I also find it useful as a quick-reference roadmap. 

Spending tonight at Exit 505 – which means I have only 43% left of Texas. 


  1. That first picture is really great! How did you do it?

    1. Thanks Diana! I use Microsoft Gallery to edit my photos and the program has a collage feature. Your photo software probably has the same thing.

  2. I love west Texas. So different and unspoiled in most places. Just got done editing some video I shot while I drove through last month.

  3. Last night saw PBS, "Children of Giant" about filming "Giant" in Marfa, TX, 1956. A must-see! Did you pass Marfa on your run thru TX? It's been redone as an artsy little enclave, Airstreams, etc. Bet you didn't stop, because I think you've got a case of "get-home-itis"!! It is just as exciting driving home as it is setting out! Enjoy!


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