Monday, May 11, 2015

399 Days and Nights

That’s how much time I’ve spent in the GDB in the past 2.5 years.  And I was concerned I wouldn’t use an RV enough to justify the purchase!  That means I’ve saved about $40,000 in hotel rooms.  But having one’s own bed, food, and drink …. Priceless.


I managed 2 modest mods to the van this week.  I ordered a Dock Boss adapter (background) so I can hook-up my MP3 player (foreground) to the van's surround-sound system.  

The factory built-in connection supported iPods only.  What an improvement it will be to have hands-free availability of podcasts, music, and audiobooks. 

Also added some much-needed storage space for those little items that lead to clutter – remotes, charging cables, tools, playing cards, flashlights, etc ...

The idea of using the shoe organizer came from the indispensable Roadtrek Facebook page.  The width was ideal but I had to trim the last section to make the length work.  


I want to share this ridiculously easy recipe that should work well in a tiny RV kitchen - Southwestern Burrito.  

Web Photo

The beauty is that only 3 ingredients are required.  (Although I will add cumin to the mix next time).  

To make clean-up even easier, you could probably dump the cheese in the Steamers bag to avoid using a mixing bowl.  I’ll try that next time.  

While we are on the subject, I’m reading Food: A Love Story by comedian Jim Gaffigan. 


Around the House

My father-in-law planted this rose bush.  What a wonderful gift to leave behind as we think of him every time we see the beautiful blooms.

The herb garden is coming along.  L to R: basil, chives, parsley, thyme.  We also have the essential rosemary bush.  

Here are the daylilies that Doris often waters.

Meanwhile, Stunning Spring is sadly on its way out to be followed by Swampy Summer.  Almost time to crank up the A/C!


  1. Hi Kim
    We figured we have gotten our moneys worth on our Roadtrek too!

    1. Yeah, you guys really use and treasure your RT as well.

  2. Love the burrito idea! For a change of pace, you could make a soup, using the corn mix and some broth, and heat a tortilla to crispness in a non-stick pan. When you turn it over, pop some cheese onto the tortilla, and eat it out of hand with the soup. To save dishes - heat the soup in the pan after you take out the tortilla. Definitely want to have cumin and mild chili powder on hand for authenticity. Red or green prepared salsa would be a definite plus to round out the crunchy tortilla and/or add some interest to the soup.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie < -- checking supply of sour cream

    1. Good ideas. Yes - salsa is a must. I should have mentioned that.

  3. I love your see-through organizer. I opened up a ton of drawer space by rolling my tee shirts and washcloths,

    but your version is great for those items that always seem to hide themselves so successfully. I'm out of door space, but may rethink my set up. Thanks for the tip.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. I never thought of t-shirts. I'm so doing that.

  4. 399 days definately putting those weekend warriors to shame. Thanks for the taco recipe will be trying it out next time in town.

  5. Not everything in life has a monetary value . From reading your blogs you have been having a great life adventure!!!


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