Sunday, June 14, 2015

Looking Forward

Plans are coming together for summer in The Rockies and fall in the National Parks of southern Utah.

Here's one possible boondocking spot:

Every time I begin an online exploration about the towns we want to visit, I end up with a best-burger scouting report.  Yep, my research doctorate is really paying off now!

Speaking of food, all is well here – fat + happy pretty much covers it. John made these insanely delicious bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos yesterday.  

The secret, I think, is using pineapple cream cheese.  The sweet is a nice contrast for the heat of the peppers. 

Sweet and spicy - just like Doris!


  1. Oh my goodness those bacon wrapped peppers look amazing!

    Your summer and fall plans sound fabulous, I bet you can't wait to get those wheels turning!

  2. If I were on my own I would do it your way. But with a husband along we need much more room, a bigger kitchen, and full hookups!

  3. West by way of Paris? Now that's my kinda itinerary! ;-)

  4. Ooo. Pineapple cream cheese. Been so long since I had that I'd forgotten it existed.

  5. Hi Kim;
    Thanks for listing my blog in your blog list. I moved my blog and all my prior posts over to a Wordpress site last month. Its the same blog, same content, same purpose. Just a slightly different look. I'm now at The one on blogger is still active because some stuff still point there. I'm been following you for a couple years now and just added you to my blog list. Thanks.
    J. Dawg

    1. Got it, JDawg. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Once it cools down, southern Utah is so beautiful. Rockies? Can't be beat for out and out splendor. There is just so much absolutely gorgeous scenery to drink in.

    Virtual hugs,


  7. Looking forward to your journeys, and yes those bacon wrapped jalapenos look amazing!


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