Monday, June 8, 2015

Slow News Week

Greeting from the Swampy Southeast.  It’s 97 degrees.  With 40% humidity, that translates to 105.

But it's only for 5 more months!

"I want the air-conditioner!!!"

Time Capsule

My friend, Leslie, sent me an envelope full of blasts from the past.  Like this bumper-sticker.

And this note from me to her.  The kind of thing we used to do in junior high and high school; you know, instead of paying attention in class.

President Nixon is announcing that the crime rate in Washington DC has decreased significantly since all the politicians have resigned from office. 

Not a bad likeness of Richard Nixon if I do say so myself – right down to the jowls and shifty eyes. Thanks Leslie!


Good friend Liz has been visiting this week from Wyoming.  We’ve had a lot of fun with good wine, good people, and good food.  

Daughter Elle and fiance Phill

John and Liz go waaaay back to Liz's freshman year here at Auburn.  This evening, they are discussing either old times or John’s most recent golf round. 

Doris, who loves company, looks on. 

Here’s an odd still-life arrangement on our kitchen counter. Gotta love the weird juxtaposition of produce, vinegar, and sunscreen.  


Of course, no post would be complete without a food foto.  This time the salmon was grilled. 

I’m happy to say this week should be the least hectic one since I got back from the last trip – a welcome development. I have a few more must-dos to tackle before heading west sometime in July.

Stay tuned!


  1. No fair! Can you really go west twice in the same year? Isn't that breaking some kind of rule?

    Just a bit jealous....have fun for all of us left sweltering in the South.

    1. I hope there is no law because I'm most definitely breaking it. As often as possible!

  2. I'm fanning myself in your honor. Our humidity was 22 this morning before the sun came fully out, and I thought that was muggy! OY!

    Virtual hugs,


    PS: Can you please check your junk box? I sent you a pm a couple of weeks ago.

  3. It getting hot here in Mid Missouri too. I'm ready to take my camper North.

  4. Your sun screen picture reminded me of our daughter commenting about the band-aid box in the spice rack of our first Class B motorhome. Hey, it fit well there and kept the spices from moving around. You well know how creative you get when you have little space in which to put things.

  5. Apropos of everything, I LOVE the way the GDB looks in your mind.

  6. I've been spending the month in Colorado and hanging out in Ridgway CO for the past few days. Daytime temps in the 70's, night time in the 30's. Humidity in the teens. No sweat in Colorado ;)

  7. Nothing beats time with old friends. Love your reply to Lynne. Totally agree.

  8. Friends can make the heat tolerable.

  9. I fell for it again! Just as I was leaving the house for a couple of hours, I checked out your blog post, and there it was … another wonderful food photo. Swore I'd never check your blog unless dinner was imminent! Off I go, granola bar in hand.

  10. Husband and I are heading down to Lake Martin in early July. I suppose it will still be swampy hot, right? :) Looking forward to your next adventure.

    1. Yes, I can just about guarantee it will be sticky. But .... you'll be on the water and have hook-ups, so there is that. Hope you have a great time!

    2. We will. There will be air conditioning and family. That's about all I need.


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