Friday, August 7, 2015

A Day Trip to Telluride

There had been some talk about visiting Telluride for a day. On Wednesday, Gayle and Jim offer to carpool us to the famed ski resort. 

The threesome had visited Telluride several years earlier, but it was a first for me. The route by car is about 50 miles from Ouray but, I believe, only 15 miles as the crows fly. You gotta get around the mountains!

My first impression is that Telluride is one of the prettiest mountain towns I’ve ever seen. The town obviously has strict building codes which makes strolling the residential area a treat. Here's what $5 Million will buy.

The town contains many blocks of charming homes,

some small,

some really small.

And, as in any self-respecting tourist town, there is an abundance of  restaurants, shops, and artistic offerings.

I meet-up with a Telluride Terrier.

Jim, Gayle, and Debbie line up to ride the gondola (along with some unidentified biker dude).

I stay grounded due to my off-and-on completely unpredictable acrophobia. I never know when the anxiety will strike but, when it does, I prefer to have a way to escape other than leaping.

We're all gonna die !!!

Gayle supplies photos of the vertical ride in her post.

We lunch at the High Pie Pizzeria & Tap Room

Between the 4 of us, we order 2 lovely pizza pies. Some wrenching decision-making ensues as the place offers so many unique and delectable-sounding choices or you can build-your-own. 

Debbie and I split the Rail Jam above, a delicate delectable crust topped with house-made onion jam, prosciutto, yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, pears, goat cheese, and parmesan. Oh My ... what a sensational combination of flavors!

I hardly need mention that the round-trip scenery is absolutely stunning. I'm too busy talkin’ and gawkin’ to take photos. But here's a web shot that pretty much matches the one now stored in my memory.


  1. If the winters weren't so harsh I could live in that part of is gorgeous! Just not in Telluride...waaaay too expensive, but fun to visit!

  2. Beautiful! I love the Colorado Rockies.

  3. That trip in the Fall when the aspen are yellow.... beyond awesome! But snow can happen at any time when the leaves are yellow.

  4. Always thought I enjoyed heights but changed my mind when I saw Gayle's view of downtown. Believe I would have passed on the trip.
    Great write up on places I have not seen!


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