Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bullion King Lake

On Wednesday, Mark offers to lead us along another scenic route. 

Here’s some advice: when Box Canyon Mark says get in the truck, jump in. You’re in for the experience of a lifetime. 

We head to the Bullion King Lake trail, once again reached by steadily walking skyward.

The drive to the trailhead starts along the Million Dollar Highway which, Mark says, weaves like a drunken sailor

Web Photo
The eyes are popping and so are the ears! Before long, we leave the paved surface, eventually stopping here. 

Photo Credit: Box Canyon Blog
Now, I’m a child of the suburbs and have limited experience on 4-wheel drive roads. To a resident of these parts, climbing a thousand feet along deeply rutted roads might be akin to driving to the mall. But to me, it feels like this.

One can't escape construction, even at 10,000 feet. Still it's the most fetching construction site I've ever seen. 

The weather is glorious as we start out and remains so throughout the day. I mean ... ideal hiking weather!

The trail is narrow and steep as we climb a couple thousand feet, surrounded by 13,000-foot peaks and glorious fields of wildflowers.

John Q capturing it all on film.

The payoff – Bullion King Lake – is worth every steep step and deep breath.

Gayle, Suzanne, and Bobbie gaze in admiration.

Glenn and Mark talk it over.

While the others continue to climb, Joallen and I picnic at the lake.

We watch mesmerized, as the daredevils ascend ever higher through the distant snow field. My camera lens is on maximum zoom here.

Here’s Mark, sans hiking poles, waiting for the others to catch up. We marvel that he remains upright.

I’m content to gaze at the clear glacial waters and bask in the glorious alpine meadow.

Later, John Q makes his way back to wife Joallen and I.

The kindly Qs offer to give me a lift back to town, so the three of us hike all the way down to the Million Dollar Highway. The return takes twice as long as the ascent due to the slow-going over the steep and rocky downhill terrain.  In addition, we stop often to stare slack-jawed at the surrounding beauty.

Another Rocky Mountain high! 


  1. You did that Junior Ranger Pack proud! ;-)

  2. Just stunning. You are right, it was worth the deep breaths.

  3. I've hiked to Bullion King with Mark and Bobbie, truly an experience to remember! I am amazed the others kept going up that insanely steep, practically vertical ascent! All I could think of is how the heck are they going to get down! You are a smart woman, knowing your limits!

  4. So very breath taking. And you made it so far too.

  5. It was a pleasure hiking with you and enjoying the spectacular alpine views of flowers, mountains, snow, waterfalls, and Bullion King Lake. Your great pictures capiture it all. Safe travels!

    1. Aw, thanks Mr. Q. I feel the same way - maybe we can do it again sometime!


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