Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Down By The River

The Arkansas River, to be specific. (Presumably not the one where that rude Neil Young shot his baby).

Sometimes pronounced ar-KAN-sas, the official pronunciation is AR-kan-saw, according to a state law passed in 1881. What happens if you break that law? And how embarrassing would that be to explain to your cellmates? 

The Big A is a mighty river that travels west-to-east through the Plains for about 1,500 miles, which makes it the sixth longest river in the U.S. 

The river’s source is here in the Arkansas River Valley.  It flows from its glacial womb high in the Rockies along its far journey to the Mississippi and, eventually, the Gulf of Mexico. 

Escaping its ice-bound beginnings, the water is at its feisty free-flowing best right here. What fun to walk along the undeveloped banks and witness the melodramatic momentum of its cold, clear course. 

After a while, as I watch and listen to the water’s rumble and roar, one thought begins to dominate: I really have to pee!

The wildflowers, though still lovely, are dwindling.

As always, big ham Mt. Princeton steals the show.

In other news, by sheer dumb luck, I’m happy to learn that I’ll get to view a small slice of the nation's largest professional road cycling event. The U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge will sweep right through the middle of town during Thursday’s Stage 4. 

This afternoon, I’ll stop in at the local bike shop for advice on how best to watch the Peloton whiz by!


  1. You made me LOL twice with this post. Thanks for that. Dave thanks you, too, since I had to share those chuckles.

    1. Lihda, well it's nice to know I'm not just amusing myself here! ;-)

  2. Running water - ah-yup - that'll do it every time! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  3. If you can position yourself near the top of a steep summit, you get the longest view of the riders. On the flats they're gone in a second, although you do get to experience the bow wave of air they produce as they go by. The guys in the red on the front in the picture of the peloton are the BMC team. They're doing very well this year, which is very cool since two of their riders are back on their bikes after crashes that would have crippled a normal human. Have fun! Enjoy the race.

  4. Your reference to a Neil Young song reminds me of a great FB post: "All I'm saying is that when he was in the desert, he could have given his horse a name."

  5. Having lived in Kansas for around 35-40 years, it is the Ar-KAN-sas River and nothing else. Now, not living in Kansas, it is still the Ar-KAN-sas River - I do get funny looks. I can say AR-kansaw but not very often. Those are beautiful shots of the river.


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