Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Leadville, CO

The Big Race

It occurs to me that I never posted photos of the U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge that raced through Buena Vista last week. 

It was exciting to get a glimpse some of the elite athletes that John and I watch every year competing in the Tour de France. This was a 5-man breakaway with a 5-minute lead. The final standings can be found here. 

The riders flew by in the click of a shutter, but it was a thrilling 6 seconds! 

Like the turtle told the police after being mugged by a garden slug: It all happened so fast!

I continued to hang out in Buena Vista until the forecast turned ugly – that is, hot and humid. (The very circumstance I drove 1,700 miles to escape).  Before leaving, I took one last hike from my daytime home - my you-know-what down by the you-know-where.

Aren’t these wildflowers beautiful? Anyone know what species they are?

Gee, thanks. This sign would have been much more helpful before I made my way down that steep loose rock.

The smoke from the terrible Pacific Northwest fires continue to plague us here in the west. The result is a hazy Buena Vista sunset.

On to Leadville

The former mining town of Leadville - altitude 10,152 feet - provided the temperatures I was longing for with highs in the upper 60s and low humidity. 

This Main Street antique shop, with 10,000 square feet of merchandise, captured me with its gravitational pull. I never had a chance. 

You can browse for hours. In fact, I did!

In addition to comfortable temps, I was craving some peaceful quiet.  I found it at Father Dyer Campground, one of the many National Forest Service campgrounds surrounding Turquoise Lake. Every campground I toured is absolutely spotless. Even the fire pits are pristine.

The only sounds I hear in my massive back yard are birds and the wind through the leaves. Heaven! Add to that, 3 bars of 4G wi-fi and sites so spacious one can't see one's neighbors and ... I'm a happy camper.

The elegant and practically deserted Turquoise Lake was a short hike away. That's Mt. Elbert in the background, Colorado's highest peak at 14,439 feet. 

The next day, I would re-visit Turquoise Lake for a lovely hike.  I’ll post the details next time.


  1. Lovely, Looks like a peaceful place to recharge. You mentioned browsing, I want to know if you found anything to buy?

    1. Karen,

      Ha! Forgot to mention that I came away empty-handed. You know how much easier that is to do with a tiny home-on-wheels.

  2. Three cheers for Father Dyer! Looks like a superb spot for a school marm!!!

    Virtual hugs,


  3. Those forest service campgrounds are often real winners.


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