Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lower Blue Lake Hike

Gayle radios on Sunday morning looking for recruits for the 6+ mile hike to Lower Blue Lake. A quick glance at the forecast which promises a high of 75 and sunny skies makes the decision easy. Yes! It will be 51 and partly cloudy by the time we reach the 9,350 foot trailhead. Perfect hiking weather!

Gayle, Jim, and I set out for our destination – the lower of the three Blue Lakes. We viewed the other two on a previous hike.

Our goal this day is the other side of this basin (shown above) in the Mt. Sneffels Wilderness. Chris accurately describes most hikes in this part of the worlds as a relentless uphill slog, followed by a brutal downhill return …. with a truly spectacular viewpoint wedged in between.

We begin the 2.5 hour climb as the trails winds along the coniferous forest.
All along the way, the wildflowers dazzle us. 

I’ve never seen such a floral display and Nature proves, once more, to be the ultimate artist.

We also encounter Her larger canvas of towering peaks.

The view, when we finally reach the the lake, is on of 360-degrees of mind-blowing beauty. A feast in every direction – snowfields, rock formations, waterfalls, flowers, peaks, basins, and the clear-blue of the alpine lake.

We stop for lunch to graze and gaze.

It was one of those now-I-can-die-happy experiences.


  1. So glad you slogged it out, Kim :)

  2. Oh my! We did that hike but without the incredible display of flowers you had! WOW!

  3. What views, and perfect hiking weather, to boot. You really got it all that day.

  4. Beautiful! I so wish my memory could hold on to the splendor of those wonderful moments. Even pictures fail to capture the fully encompassing beautity. So glad you are able to witness It!


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