Friday, August 21, 2015

More Buena Vista

Spanish for beautiful view.  Apt.

However, the locals say ...

I’ve enjoyed every minute of this past week here.

As my blog readers know, I love jaywalk towns. I call them that because, well, you can.

I’m already on record regarding my deep love affair with Main Street USA.  

I'll go out on a limb and make a sweeping statement - experiencing small-town America is just flat-out good for the soul. Once you get away from the shrill voices and panicked melodrama of TV news, and simply explore the everyday, you realize that most people are decent and kind. Most everyone is working hard to create a good life and doing the best they can.

This belief continues to be the single most enduring lesson from my travels.

Of course, a critical part of the small-town romance is sampling the local fare. 

Oh yes I did.

K's Dairy Delight  is celebrating 60 years of business. The line is always wrapped around the building. Yep, small-town USA is alive and well.

A lazy summer picnic in the park.

This one's for you, Debbie.

And this.

Awww, isn't there just something so sad about a sunflower behind bars? Same old story – probably got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

At the farmer's market, this box o' garlic made my mouth water.  It does still!

Hazy Mt. Yale in the distance at 14,199 feet. 

The smoke from the Northwest wildfires grows thicker by the day. One of the locals told me, voice dripping with disdain, Yep, New Mexico is on fire again. I had to laugh and wonder where he gets his information.

What is it about fly fishermen and women? There’s something about the way they look.  Kinda like they’ve got life all figured out.

And so ends another satisfying day with a buena vista. 


  1. Save me some K's! Looks mighty good!

    Virtual Hugs,


  2. Love little towns with old charm and walking down their lovely streets.

  3. Great picture of the dog watching over the fisherman. I too think that smaller towns are friendly, people have more time to chat to you and really its only a small percentage of our population that are not nice. Using recipes with galic is good but using fresh garlic is wonderful.

  4. Bewnie! It makes me crazy that they can't call it by the Spanish name that it truly is! But I agree, small town charm all over the place and that goes for small towns everywhere. Even though I have to go back to San Diego to visit family, I really, really don't want to live anywhere that big again.

  5. Wow, hope you got to camp overnight near that river view.

  6. Small towns are great. We are drive through so many, but getting to hang out in one is a treat. Your words - "you realize that most people are decent and kind. Most everyone is working hard to create a good life and doing the best they can." has been one of my bedrock beliefs and values for many years. Thanks for sharing.


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