Monday, August 31, 2015

Slow Living in Salida

A much-needed Monday afternoon rain provides a perfect opportunity to play blog catch-up. It's hoped the precipitation will vanquish at least some of this vexing smoke and provide the stunning mountain views we crave. The effects of the haze are obvious in many of the following photos.

Above, on the left is, in my opinion, one of the Sawatch Range's showiest peaks and the one with the most bad-ass name: The Devil's Armchair. I believe the peak to the right is Mt. Ouray. Sadly, rather than the usual Hi-Def version, we currently view these magnificent giants on a 1956 Zenith topped with rabbit ears.

What a difference from this 2005 view from S Mountain to the Arkansas River Valley below! 

Folks climb S Mountain for its incomparable views of Salida, its river valley, and the mountain ranges beyond. Though the day was hot, muggy, and hazy, it was still good to be back climbing this big ol' hill that keeps watch over town.

The mountain's trail system is extensive and I spent a lot of time hiking it years ago but ... that was in the winter. I kept to the dirt road this time and here’s why.

Randy had a close encounter with a rattlesnake near camp recently and his experience is on my mind when I’m tempted to step onto a foot trail. However, the spiraling road is scenic enough as it winds through the rolling hills. 

The summit is in view.

This is my old rock perch (photo from 2005) where I would often pause during a winter climb to gaze forever and beyond to the magnificent Sangre de Cristo Range to the southeast.

One doesn't have to be a geologist to know that these are extinct volcanoes that once blew their tops. But good.

In fact, S Mountain itself is a result of that ancient volcanic upheaval.  Look closely and you can see the now-hardened rivulets of ash from the lava.

I reach the turn-around point ...

... followed by the descent and a mournfully indistinct view of valley and town. 

I spent the weekend days in town, strolling the mean streets of Salida. I love parking on a quiet side street and endlessly exploring what might be my all-time favorite jaywalk town. 

Meanwhile back at camp, peace reigns.  We take the occasional walk. Thanks, Randy, for the photo share! 

Randy, Me, Jeanne, Riley

We had a fun happy hour last night. Nancy and her fur-kid Dolly have joined us, so now we are four.

Randy philosophizes.


  1. I love reading Randy's poems but I learned at an RTR that I can't understand his speech. Very frustrating to have such bad hearing when you know such wonderful thoughts are being shared. Lucky you.

  2. It all looks so peaceful, great place to regroup and gather all your thoughts

  3. Like you, I also follow a few blogs. Everyone has a different style and purpose. But in reading this post, it struck me why I like following yours. While your posts may be short and have few words, you always seem to marvel and find joy in the places you travel. Even on a rainy day. No clever words, no diary minutiae, or long introspections. Just the good and beautiful stuff that one encounters while traveling.


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