Thursday, September 24, 2015

Arches National Park

There is a long line at the entrance.  I hardly mind, so happy am I to be here.

Once inside the Park, words failI won’t even try.

Balanced Rock

Double Arch

Perhaps Shakespeare could properly convey the silent drama of the erosive forces that form these geological wonders.

I spend the day hiking anywhere and everywhere, taking it all in. Along the way, I make another trail friend.

I pause in between hikes to reward myself in predictable ways.

Then it's back to work; though by mid-afternoon, the sun becomes merciless.

North Window

South Window

The Turret

My plan is to return early today to hike up to Delicate Arch. I want to get much closer than this photo taken from the Lower Viewpoint.  I'll hit the trail by 8 AM in order to avoid the worst of the heat. 

Not so fast. 

I'm so content later that evening with my quiet, starry boondock on Willow Springs Road.

Before bedtime, I stow my chair in the cargo area, situated above the propane tank, and notice the unmistakable smell of gas. Next I hear an ominous hissing coming from the tank.  I shut the propane off, grateful that I didn't wait till morning to put that chair away! 

I spend an endless morning online and on the phone working the problem.  And driving a total of 100 miles only to end up right back in Moab. Diagnosis: busted regulator.  I hope Delicate Arch will still be there.

As a veteran of many roadtrip break-downs, I've learned 3 things:

1. It's gonna happen
2. It sucks
3. It always works out


  1. You were very fortunate to only have an audible leak instead of a hot visual occurrence. Good luck on the repair. I made the hike to Delicate Arch once and was standing there with my hand on it when the sun came over the horizon. FANTASTIC.

  2. Well, that's a bummer, but lucky that you heard the hiss. Good thing you're a neatnick and put things away. And trust me, the arches will still be there! LOL Beautiful photos, as usual. :)

  3. Yep, Delicate Arch is going anywhere...Utah is awesome!

    Glad you got the problem fixed.

  4. It's always something! Glad you found a place to get it repaired. And hope the heat lets up soon. We're holding off on Utah until it cools off some.

  5. Did you get the regulator repaired or replaced? Really glad you were there to notice something wrong!

  6. I like your attitude about problems, and I LOVE your reward system!!

  7. Remembering it always works out is a good thing. Although my stress level tends to shoot way up before I remember that. :)

  8. I'll keep those lessons in mind when I get out on the road.

  9. You take some really great photos which is what originally led me to your blog... before I learned of the Minot connection. Good that you caught that leak. I just had my EcoTrek die totally today - for the second time in the month plus that I've owned this brand new rig... and I'm having Roadtrek retro-fit it back to AGMs. Connie

  10. So glad you smelled it right away and then heard it.
    Your pictures are fantastic and I can't wait to make my way there.

  11. So glad you smelled it right away and then heard it.
    Your pictures are fantastic and I can't wait to make my way there.

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