Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Capitol Reef National Park

Yet another of Southern Utah's geological wonders. 

On the road from Moab, you traverse remote and mostly desolate Highway 24. Until, that is, you enter the Park. The drive suddenly takes on a jaw-dropping aspect.

Eponymous Capitol Dome

and impressive Chimney Rock.

I did some hiking within the Park but the intense heat, in the high-80s, greatly diminished the enjoyment.  On the Fremont River Trail, I simply turned back after finally admitting to myself I wasn’t enjoying all that sweating. 

One of the remarkable features of this semi-arid region is the oasis known as the Fruita District. It’s one of Nature’s ironies that a desert environment is so dominated by water.

How odd to find these lush orchards covered with fruit, ripe for the picking. 

The Fremont River provides irrigation for agriculture – a fact that many Mormon farmers duly noted as they settled the area.   

Fresh fruit pies are available at the historic Gifford House.

Mine was mixed berry. ;-)  Sorry no photos; it all happened so fast!

I particularly liked my boondocking spot about 8 miles outside the park. I was in ideal position to view Sunday's spectacular lunar eclipse.

It wasn't until I was going through the photos that I realized there were people on this far ridge, also observing.

If not for the heat, I would have stayed longer.  Instead, I opted for the altitude of Bryce Canyon National Park.  It was the right decision.   


  1. We were just there. Yes, it was hot. We chickened out and went for electric hookups for AC! We went to Cedar Breaks next for the lovely cooler weather. Now we sweatin our butts off again in Page, AZ waiting for an electric site to open tomorrow. There has been some great boondocking sites (like yours) but it's just too hot. Steve still has to work during the day. I think a cool down is coming later this week though. Looking at your blog, I realize how behind I am on mine! :-(

    1. Ugh! I'll be stopping at Cedar Breaks at some poiht. Any sightseeing advice?

  2. Knew you wouldn't be able to resist those pies. At the rate you're going you'll be done with southern Utah before we even get there!

  3. What is it with this heat? I am ready for true fall weather! Thank goodness the surroundings are gorgeous!

    1. It's my fault, it followed me from home like a plague. I take full responsibility. ;-)

  4. Don't head too far south just yet, even in the high desert of NM we are having 90º days and 60º nights - temps should be around 10º cooler. Mid-Oct is when we start looking for the first hard freeze here in TorC NM.

  5. The heat is supposed to improve in a couple of days. You are a hardy boondocker.

  6. Oh my, PIE! I'm definitely putting that on my itinerary when I "do" Capitol Reef next spring! Beautiful photos...can't wait!

  7. Now I wish I had made the time to stop there when I was driving cross country but I had all the animals in my car, and I was kind of worried with all the signs that kept saying "no services for 100 miles" over and over, just to remind you how desolate it was! But maybe I can make another trip back up there, in the much cooler weather that we are supposed to be getting.

    Your pictures are wonderful - can't wait to see the ones you took from Bryce, and also how much you liked it. I plan on going there this coming Monday or Tuesday! (my weekend). And I would love to meet you when you come through Kanab! I will email you about places you could stay - there's a campground right next door to my RV/Mobile Park.


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