Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Montrose, CO


The GDB as laundry wagon.

Yep, it's wash day.  No traveler's favorite chore - second only to dumping the holding tanks. However, Southside Laundry in Montrose is such a nice laundromat, the washing, drying, waiting, and folding seem less onerous. Not to mention, friendly employees, a nice waiting area, and lightening-fast wi-fi. In addition, it's a good day for chores with the intermittent showers we are getting.

Thanks, Miss Pat, for the photo!

Jeanne and I spent last night at Camp Wal-Mart.  Just goes to show - there is beauty everywhere if you just look!

The back of one of our RV neighbors cracked me up.  It's so true - especially in these parts.

The plan for later today is to search for nearby dispersed camping spots. Though I'm still waiting for the temperatures to drop (significantly) around Arches National Park, at least I'll be able to visit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison while here.

But I'm getting ahead of events. Back to yesterday.


Crossing Monarch Pass at 11,000+ feet was just plain gorgeous, as always. I was absolutely shocked though to see that the Aspen leaves have all gone yellow. Jim, Gayle, and I were just here 5 days ago and everything was still green. The locals say when the Aspens turn, it can snow anytime.

I've got more Salida photos, which I will post in good time, but I don't like being too far behind in location for the folks back home.  It's been busy, what with the travel day yesterday and plenty of grading to do.

Stay tuned!


  1. Where do you keep all those laundry baskets when not in use? Do they all stack into the largest one? And then where do you keep it? Passenger seat?

    On another subject . . . do you find that you can use the front of the rig with the table near the front seats for computer work?

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Guess I should have made that more clear. :-) The only basket that's mine is the black one and it holds ALL of my clothes. It usually resides on the passenger seat. The others belong to Jeanne, a full-timer with a large rig and real sheets and stuff. Yes, I can and do use that table, although 98% of the time I work on the sofa.

    2. Beautiful. We're enjoying the fall colors as we travel south through Utah. Some red mixed in too. I'm very much looking forward to spending most of next year in Colorado.

  2. It's almost like the aspen leaves are changing before our eyes. We did a hike yesterday at 9-10,000' and there were lots of yellow and orange leaves even at that elevation. Fall is definitley in the air!

  3. Your laundry wagon reminded me of a dream I had for my van that I never pulled off. I wanted to be the break room at a Habitat for Humanity build. "Certainly you can store your insulin in my fridge." "Yes, lie down on the bed until that cramp releases." "I can't turn on the A/C to treat your heatstroke since I'm not plugged in but I can turn on the fans and provide ice." Wouldn't that have been wonderful?!

    1. Linda, I've played out that scenario in my head too. Only mine is as a support vehicle for AT thru-hikers. Would be fun to grill for them and dish out ice cream.


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