Saturday, September 5, 2015

Rhymin' with Randy

Everyone in Blogland knows Randy, the Mobile Kodger, right?

Well, recently he and I decided to collaborate on a poem about the gypsy life. Hope you enjoy.

Me:   Hey, Randy, what'd you do today?

He:   I blogged and blogged the day away.
        Writing my posts give me reasons why
        I don't park my rig, lay down and die.
        What's your motive for writing your thing?

Me:  Just the sheer joy that a blog can bring.
        I have this urge to write and write.
        I'm always ready for the Muse to bite.

He:  Well, now you are the thing that's new;
        So today I think I'll blog about you.

Me:  That should please your readers no end!
         As for the photos - can you make me look thin?
         I think I'll also blog about you.
         So, what are your goals and what do you do?

He:  I write poems and travel to the new.
        Now tell me your goals and what you do.

Me:  My needs are small, my goals are few.
        Just to round the next bend and admire the view.
        You've been free for so long now,
        share with me the why, the how.

He:  I had a good mind -- never found where it fit;
        I'm a nobody -- making the best of it.
        But you've climbed the heights of academe,
        can you find contentment in a drifter's dream?

Me: Contentment's mine on the open roads.
       Afoot! Lighthearted! You know how that goes.
       Will you ever settle down, cease to roam?
       Perhaps build a fence 'round an earthbound home?

He:  I've made my gypsy bed - now I
        will mosey 'round until I die.
       Does moving, moving, on the whole
       polish your manner, your mind, you soul?

Me:  All of the above, I guess,
        Since I pulled away from a life of stress.
        Do you believe, as we wander this way,
        We become more polished day by day?

He:  Yes - like rocks tumbling downstream;
        the bump and bumble makes us glisten and gleam.
        Since those you meet are mostly strangers,
        do you give much thought to risks and dangers?

Me:  Stepping away from the TV news
        has forever after changed my views.
        People are decent wherever I go.
        Do you also find that so?

He:  Yes, I find goodwill, up and down;
        seems every new place is Mayberry town.
        But tell me how you choose where to go.
       And what's the sweetest place you know?

Me:  Trip planning is my favorite art.
         I open the map, then open my heart.
        What guides you in your nomad style?
        What experience do you find worthwhile?

He:  By far the richest thing I do:
       engaging folks the likes of you.

Me:  This has been fun; I love to talk deep,
         but I must run. I've promises to keep.

He:  The pleasure's been mine - thanks a heap.
        I've miles to go before I sleep.

(Special thanks to friends Walt Whitman and Robert Frost).

                                                                      Here's the video:

And thanks to Jeanne, our director.


  1. That was awesome, Kim! I'm going to share it CRVL. I know those who are just getting started or thinking about getting started will find it inspirational.

    Those of us on the road, already, will nod our heads in agreement.

    I'd love to hear it sung as a duet. Can you sing?

    1. Cyndi,

      Only when I'm really drunk. Thanks for sharing the poem.

  2. Well, we knew that Randy was a poet, but you, too, huh? Very clever!

  3. Awesome! Loved it so much. I'm going to share it as well, if that's okay.

  4. Wonderful! What fun to exchange words with Randy.

    1. It is. He's not just a great talker, he's a great listener.

  5. You two spoke to me,
    someday friends we may be,
    a mountain meeting
    a friendly greeting.

  6. Love this! What an excellent post,

  7. I'm a travel blogger, too; love the poem you and Randy wrote, PFD'd it for keeps :)
    Got a technical question about blogs. I like your categories under the main title of The Travels of Kimbo Polo which are: Home, Inside the Good Deal Bus, Trip Expenses, and My Favorite Office. I want to have categories too, but I spent 2 hours trying to make sense of the Help section in Google Blogs and couldn't figure it out. Do you have any simple 1, 2, 3 instructions for me? Pls reply to

    1. Hi Terri,

      Sent you a PM. Will check out your blog!


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