Monday, September 7, 2015

Scenes from Camp: Bighorn Sheep Canyon

As you will notice, none of the scenes involve actual Bighorn Sheep. They’re out there though! 

Living room view.

We experience mostly partly cloudy days and a few rain showers, with no complaints, because the highs are now in the mid-seventies.  (As always, apologies to the folks back home).

The daily activities have been, well, pretty languid – no complaints there either. Not that there isn’t much to do! Like examining the ant farm in the middle of camp. 

Me, Randy, Jeanne, and Dolly keep an eye on roughly 200 of our little friends.

Ants really are fascinating creatures and - I’m serious when I say this – what a thrill to have the time to observe the colony’s behavior. Not the sort of thing one can do when one is living an over-scheduled life, rushing to the next appointment or meeting!  In fact, their bustling pace reminds me of my former life.

The busy workers appear to have no nearby food sources, so Jeanne contributes peanuts and Randy offers up some bread.  

The response is favorable. 

Then there are the fly-fishers to keep an eye on.  These folks try their luck right below the GDB.

The Arkansas River is prime Rainbow Trout territory.

Although this gentleman reports nary a nibble all day long.

On Saturday, Salida has a good Farmer’s Market.

And strolling the streets is always pleasing.

Of course, there are moonrises and sunsets to watch.

Sometimes a campfire.

And friends to visit. This is Jim, Gayle, Chuck, and Carla’s nearby camp. What a glorious spot!

One day, we cross to the opposite bank of the river and explore along the now-defunct railroad. 

We figure you can follow the tracks all the way to Leadville to the west and Canyon City to the east.

The weather is fine and lots of folks are enjoying the river in their own fashion.

Somehow even the slow days seem quite full.

Camp pooches - Dolly and Riley – seem to agree.  


  1. That looks like such a great place! I have to say it's fun to catch up with everyone on your posts! Do you think we'll ever get Jeanne to leave Salida? I have a feeling...... Anyway, Dolly and Riley look like pretty happy pooches, Glad you're having such a great time - say HI to everyone there for me. :)

    1. Will do, Barbara! I think little Katie would like it here.

  2. Good times! I'm so jealous!!! The portrait of Riley looks like a painting. Is that something you did?

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Hi Judi,

      Yes, I just increased the sharpness to an extreme degree to get the effect of a painting.

  3. My experience is bighorn sheep look like rocks until they move. There might actually be some in that first picture. :)

  4. Not a bad place to hang out near Salida. I spent a few days there in June. Didn't see any bighorns while there. The Aquatic Center in Salida was a good place to cool off. Also, the Salida Museum right next door had some interesting stuff. Also hung out at the Library. Salida was the type of place where I could envision myself living there.


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