Thursday, September 17, 2015

So Long Salida!

My 3 weeks in Salida came to a close on Monday. I didn’t intend to stay so long, but the weather was good, and so was the company.

Riley & Me

I run into Jim & Gayle downtown. Amazing how often this happens with a nomadic tribe.

Randy supports a young businessman.

This BLM site has been a great camp from which to explore Salida.  However, we used up our allotted stay and it's time to move on.

Fiber Fest

I did want to tell you about the annual Fiber Fest held in the lovely River Park (should you find yourself in Salida some September). And, no, the festival is not just for the constipated!

Jeanne is a weaver and was eager to return this year. I tagged along and learned a lot about fiber arts.

All manner of raw material and crafts were available.

This canvas is covered entirely in fiber.

I spot a rare two-headed terrier.

As it happens, Jeanne already knows this weaver, Benjamin. He led the tour of the factory in Boulder where Jeanne purchased her loom. Small world!

So, in closing, here are some final miscellaneous scenes from this great little town. 



  1. So many photo ops - I am sooooo jealous!

    Virtual hugs,

  2. I was hoping you would include the picture of that hobo walking down the tracks with a stick and bundle over the shoulder.

  3. Love all the colors in the fibers.


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