Thursday, October 22, 2015

200 Stamps!

I celebrate a milestone today as I collect my 200th National Park Passport Stamp. 

Procuring the stamp at Mesa Verde NP has deep meaning for me.  

My wonderful father-in-law so wanted me to visit this special place.  He and my mother-in-law were here in the summer of 1982.  (Thanks to sis-in-law, Joan, for the photo-share). 

We would talk about history and travel and, every time he spoke of Mesa Verde, his eyes lit up.  Shortly before he died, we talked about my long-range plans to visit there.  John says his dad would be very proud that I made it! 

I got my first stamp in 2003 at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains, GA.  

And, in spite of spanning the busiest time in my professional career, I've managed to collect 199 more.

I’ve written about the NP Passport program on the blog before

When I first learned of the passport, I saw it as an ideal framework for all the traveling I wanted to do.  Since that time, each trip has focused on visiting as many NP sites as possible.  There are 408 National Park sites within the NPS system, so I consider this a life-long quest. 

It’s the perfect hobby for someone like me – with the heart of a collector, but the sole of a minimalist. 

This collection takes up very little space and doesn’t require dusting!


  1. So incredibly exciting for you! Made so very special because of your in-law connection. Your big smile tells it all. Happy TWO HINDRED! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Mesa Verde has been on my list for some time. I was 9 miles away when I got a phone call that said I was needed elsewhere this June... maybe next year?

    I'm going to go read your blog about the National Park Passport Program right now. Safe travels!

  3. I traveled a lot before I knew about the passport program so I have been to way more than I have stamps for...but I'm like you I zoom over to the stamping station like a kid! I got several new ones on my travels this fall.

  4. COOL! What a great motivator to base your travels around!

  5. That's quite an accomplishment! I may just have to get my passport book out and count mine now. Just wish I had my original book that I started in 1988. (lost that in the divorce though :( )

  6. I am nowhere near 200. I have a scrapbook that my daughter gave me when I purchased my RV, so I stamp on paper or the park brochure and cut it out to add to the scrapbook. I started this because I was forgetting to take the passport into the V.C. with me.

  7. Wow! This post is so special on so many levels! I really believe that the energy you created while visiting this place with your father-in-law in your heart and mind reaches his energy field, so he knows about this! Thanks for sharing and making such a well-thought, heart-centered event.

  8. Hip Hip Hooray!! Keep those wheels a rollin!

  9. Yes, the perfect collection for the minimalist traveler. You are doing very well, indeed. I'm impressed. (No pun intended but enjoyed anyway.)

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  11. Had a bad typo in my previous comment. Congrats on 200 visits! It's a reminder that's there so much great stuff to see and experience in this country.

  12. 200 out of 408... you're nearly halfway! Congratulations! You inspired me to get my passport book this year. Like Sondra, I've been to lots of NPs and NMs in my life, but only just started my collection of stamps. I got my very first one this past summer in Denali National Park. I'm still a long way from 200. :)

  13. Proud of you. We have the book, but seem to never have it with us at the proper time. The Mesa Verde connection makes it even better. Safe travels. OBTW. Your Tigers almost pulled it out today. :-(

    1. Ouch! That game was a heart-breaker!!!

      Miss your blog, but glad you are following along. And a little envious about your decision to put your blog on hiatus.

  14. I love the national parks also. I need to count my stamps also. No where near 200, yet.


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