Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cedar Breaks National Monument and Aspens Aglow

Leaving Bryce, I stop in to visit Cedar Breaks National Monument.  The surrounding land and canyon here are wild and lovely, though after Bryce, it’s hard to impress.

At this elevation, the noon temperature is 44 degrees.

I'm so delighted to finally don the winter jacket I’ve been carting around for over 2,000 miles, I capture the moment. 

If ever you are in this area - particularly on a lovely autumn afternoon with the Aspen leaves at their peak - take Highway 148.  

This two-lane highway is listed as a scenic drive, but then so is most of this part of Utah.  I didn’t expect such beauty.  Possibly the most gorgeous road I’ve ever driven. 

As with most scenic routes, you pay a price. The payback for this one are 24 miles of hairpin curves and 6 – 8 % grades. 

There are few places to pull over for photography, so I do the best I can out the window.  The Aspens in full sunlight are magnificent!

I want to share an excerpt from a recent Glynnis McNicol article published by The Guardian

There is something intensely clarifying about being on the road. One day on the road feels like seven or eight at home. 

Life, regular life and all its restrictions recede; as though your former self is separating from you, pushed upwards and out by the increasingly big sky you are driving under, until it becomes a thin distant reality that hardly seems connected to you at all. 

You are suddenly able to see yourself as an individual, disconnected from your life and the people in it. 

You become whatever is happening in that moment. You are the gas tank, the weather, the road signs, the cafe menus, the people you meet and the bed you sleep in. You are living outside time. It is heady stuff.

Here's the link for the entire article - a unique perspective of women on the road.


  1. What a beautiful drive....8% incline, thats cyclable Kim !

  2. Thanks Kim !!! Some of your pictures look like a oil painting and some are like I'm their looking too...thanks for sharing, Ronnie

  3. Autumns glow is truly a special time of year!

  4. Interesting article, although I don't agree with everything she wrote. May have to send the author the link to Suzanne's book and links to some RVing blogs.

  5. I really enjoyed the like to the article - which led to another. Very interesting women! Thanks

  6. Hate auto correct in small print... I meant link.


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