Monday, October 5, 2015

Good Bye to Bryce

Of the southern Utah Parks, this has been my favorite stop so far. 

I mean, come on … !

I've heard from many folks who say this is their favorite National Park.  It's hard to imagine otherwise, but I have yet to visit Zion.

What a great boondock site here in the Dixie National Forest - a quiet, cozy haven exactly ½ mile from the entrance to the Park (and the crowds).

On work days, I've enjoyed this lovely office in the lobby of the Bryce Canyon Lodge. With delicious grilled cheeseburgers right around the corner. Believe me, in every way, a vast improvement over my old brick and mortar office! 

 On my last afternoon, I hike the Upper Rim Trail from Bryce Point ...

... to Inspiration Point.

As expected, the trail travels along the canyon's rim in this southern part of the Park.  Some of the footpath weaves through the edge of the forest,

 but majestic views are always just a few steps away.

The trail ends with a great view of the grottos behind me.

The next morning, I say goodbye to my deer neighbors (7 stop by for a morning graze, just feet from the GDB) and also to Fairlyland Canyon. 

Indulge me with a few more photos of this bewitching place.

Shipwreck Rock


  1. Truly a spectacular park! Deer at your door sounds like the perfect way to start the day!

  2. I love Bryce for the colors, but Zion has a totally different Zen feeling.

  3. Some of those formations look like rock candy - the ones on a stick. Such a beautiful place. :)

  4. I am reliving my first years in "The West" through your wide-open eyes! These sights are still awe inspiring, but not like the first time around! ;-> They are, indeed, totally magical.

    Virtual hugs,


  5. I remember the first time my family saw Bryce Canyon, and my mother and I both exclaimed, "This is much more beautiful than the Grand Canyon!"


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