Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rim Shots

Scenic Drive Along the Rim

For some 17 miles one-way along the Bryce Canyon rim, every view is magic.  Bonus: the temperature is in the mid-60s!  The GDB purrs like a kitten along the road, climbing to 9,100 feet – the highest elevation in the park.  

For such a complex landscape, the geology of Bryce is pretty simple: once underwater, then lifted from sea level to over 8,000 feet, then eroded. 

We are in the Aspen-Fir-and-Douglas Pine-territory. But it’s hard to see the forest for the hoo-doos!  

The rock formations chew the scenery, yet the forest is a wonder of its own. 

I stop at all the viewpoints save Inspiration Point.  I have plans to hike there later.

Natural Bridge is the jewel in this crown. 

Bryce is a popular Park so, naturally, crowds are everywhere.  Today, I’m mostly lucky with some solitude until I reach Bryce Point, just as the Park shuttle disgorges its contents. 

Fairyland Canyon

Later I hike the rim trail along mindblowing Fairyland Canyon. 

This canyon is smaller and more intimate than the others and much less crowded as it is situated outside the Park entrance gates.

The light is perfect for an early evening hike along its rim. 

My photos in no way do Fairyland Canyon justice. 

 Yep, Mother Nature gets her freak on here.


  1. Stunning! Fairyland is an accurate name. Mother Nature is amazing!

  2. Fab photos! I'm soooooooo jealous! Wish I was there!

    Virtual hugsj


  3. Mezmerizing.....absolutely stunning!!!!...wish i was there instead of New Jersey with the wind and rain.....


  4. How beautiful! Thanks for the tip on Fairyland Canyon, I wouldn't have know about it and it looks stunning!

  5. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I was there many years ago in August and failed to see as much of the beauty as you have shown. It was so darn hot! It's now back on my list of places to see. -- Anne

  6. Bryce is so amazing! We finally got back in red rock country today and are loving it.

  7. Bryce is my favorite! I'd like to get back and do some hiking further down where there aren't many others. Just love those crazy colors!!

  8. Wow. Didn't know about Fairy I HAVE to go back!


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