Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

And I’m certain it will be!  Things are already pretty happy around here what with Mr. Leisure in full chef and golf modes.

There’s been a lot of this

and this.

Shall we just say, retirement is in full swing?

Showing off the new golf bag, a parting gift from the office.

Oh, yeah.  It's gonna be a great year.

I was going through my travel photos from 2015, another big year on the road.  I grabbed one at random to play with.  This is from a beautiful spring day in San Diego spent with treasured friends.

My hope is that  2016 finds you safely on the road, living the life of your dreams.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

News From Home

Big things are afoot here at home, though none involve traveling at the moment. 

The biggest news is that John has one more week of work!  His retirement party last week, making it all seem so real, was an outpouring of affection and good wishes. We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives!

The GDB is resting and getting road-ready for a trip to the east coast in February. She’s squeaky clean inside-and-out, from the top of her solar panel to her undercarriage. Even the tanks are sanitized! 

I also did a much-needed mod by replacing the original too-heavy too-large table with this lightweight user-friendly version. 

Cost: about $20 for an 18-inch pine round and can of paint.

I also found a new favorite travel accessory.  

I’ve been looking for a way to keep my coffee warm.  I mean, really warm. For hours.  No insulated mug, no matter how expensive, was ever up to the task.  I found this 12V RoadPro heated mug at a truck stop in Louisiana. 

It has 5 heat settings and holds 15 oz.  The light turns green when the correct temperature is reached.  I’ve tested the High setting and do believe you could cook a stew in it!

So, even though the GDB is parked for now, she’s never far from my thoughts.