Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bad Weather, Good Times

I know our weather isn't that bad compared to what some of you are experiencing - it's just the typical tiresome Southeast winter.  Sunny skies bring frigid temps and warm days bring rain.

I've missed the southwestern desert scene this winter but ... it's been a great trade-off watching Mr. Leisure tend to his new duties (when he's not standing on some tee box).

Hours at the desk have been replaced by hours at the cooktop.  Two rusty skills are being honed: bread-baking and sleeping late! John digs deep into the old recipe box and pulls out a long-neglected focaccia recipe.  Dee-lish!

We are also deep into the Fish Taco Project.  Kimchi (background) has proven a vital ingredient.

As for me, I've been deep into the digital art, learning more every day. Yesterday's freezing weather was spent in glorious fashion at the University Library, immersed in the endless stacks of art books. Infinitely more fun than the year spent on my dissertation!

A stack of scanned treasures for eventual use in my art pieces.

Below is one of the many prints on the walls of the library, one which always moves me.

After the devastating poisoning in 2010 of our beloved Oaks at the campus entrance by a twisted Alabama fan, an Auburn student and an Alabama student played tribute to the much-mourned victims of the attack by pairing up for a cello concert at the scene of the crime.

I leave for the east coast in a few weeks in hopes for the ideal weather of two years ago.  Stay tuned!


  1. Good to see you posting again. Your many friends at the desert gathering missed you. Happy trails East.

  2. Love your blog creativity! always brings a smile and chuckle :)

  3. Cooking is the best past time for inclement weather! Looks delish!

    Research is always more fun when it's for a pleasure project!

  4. Missed seeing your smiling face yesterday. Did get to meet Susanne along with Mark and Bobby.

  5. Wishing you good weather and safe travels as you head East!

  6. All the best for the trip to the East coast. The bit about focaccia has just prompted me to make some too.

  7. Ah .. fish tacos. I remember the Auburn tree story. Is that 'Bama fan still in jail?

  8. Going to be at Little Talbot Island SP relatively soon. If you think you might be close to Jacksonville, give me a shout. PM for dates and phone #


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