Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hilton Head Island

Dropped by for a visit with old friend Janice.  Well, not old – you know what I mean.  Actually I’m older than she, by some 24 hours or less.  Back in the day, we celebrated our back-to-back birthdays together and now try to maintain that tradition when life allows.

Mooch-docking at its finest!

Seems like there is always at least one gator in residence when I visit.  

The weather turned cold, windy, and wet.  But we made the best of the indoors by indulging in some creative pursuits.  I spent many happy hours coloring in my birthday present from Janice – signed by the author!  What a thoughtful and timely gift. 

And adding to my art journal. 

We also managed to visit the collection of six artistic pianos scattered around various island locations.  These spinets have been transformed by different artists and will be auctioned in a few weeks as part of Piano Palooza.  

Cool stuff.  Here's more information.  

We also found time for a satisfying lunch at a dockside bar. Mmmm ... eggs benedict with fried oysters along with grits and a tenderloin slider. 

After four laughter-filled days, it was back on the road.


  1. So much fun to catch up with ole heart friends. You just start up where you last left off. I'll bet you enjoyed finding all those treasured pianos.

  2. Mmmmm - eggs Benedict! Grits are in the bowl? Topped with lots of melted butter? And a piece of French bread? Swoon!!!

    Virtual hugs,


  3. You look like sisters. Oh how nice it would be to jump in the van and drive to sunny weather, says he looking out at a rainy wet Welsh hillside. Enjoy.

  4. Really like the looks of that journal. One of your digital art creations?

    1. Thanks, Jerry. Yes, a different method of displaying the art. Addictive too!

  5. Sweet to see old friends enjoying a visit and that breakfast! Wow! Mouth watering.

    Artsy pianos.


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