Saturday, March 12, 2016

Randy On Paper!

Randy's e-book (published November 2015) is now an actual book.  In print, that is!  Softcover, that is!

Author! Author! 

Get the details on both the print and e-versions here on Randy's Mobile Kodgers blog. 

 Here we are at the Sandio Casino in Albuquerque last fall working on the first draft of his collected poems. 

What a fun collaboration this was! 


  1. Thank you sweet woman---This is your doing--convincing me that my stuff deserves to me heard--then doing the hard work of making it presentable and organizing it --and correcting lots of it--You did for me what Anne Sullivan did for Helen Keller. I will always be grateful.

  2. I read from Randy's blog that it had been published, a real achievement. Do you now have a second career as an editor?

  3. This must have been very satisfying for both of you. Well done!

  4. Got it yesterday, will read and savor it while traveling this summer . . . .

  5. Thanks for this update. I look forward to reading it.

  6. It's been almost a month since we've heard from you. Please let us know you're okay...we worry about you.

    Cat Lady

  7. I think I saw a movie on youtube that this guy was in! The main interviewee was a guy wiht a white beard, but this guy was on screen a lot of times too. I loved all their thoughts!


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