Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rest Stop

Just wanted to pop in to the ole Blog homestead and give you an update.

My travel plans for the summer ran into some timing issues so I’ll likely spend the summer here in the Swampy Southeast.  (Of course, you all know about jello plans). 

I thought seriously about touring the Great Lakes this summer (on my list), but I hear the black flies are absolute torture this time of year and, as I discovered, the summers are quite HOT at those latitudes as well.  

But I have a plan to enjoy this with temps in the mid-70's. 

Once I realized I had to reassess the summer, I made a mental list of why I’m willing to just hang out here at home.  Actually, there are some pretty compelling reasons when you type them out for your blog readers.  

1)      Our brand new Air Conditioning system.  I’ll really get to take advantage of that pricy new addition.

2)      Art time. I’ve been in a creative frenzy for the past few months and now I’ll have plenty of time to indulge. 

My new Gelli plate is habit-forming! 

3)      Homegrown tomatoes.  I’ve seriously missed those for the past 3 summers and intend to make up for the deprivation. For those of you who've never sampled the tomatoes we grow in the Deep South, well ... I’m sorry for you.

4)      No summer crowds. No shrieking kids. No motorcycle caravans.

5)      The Summer Olympics.  Get to see it all on the big big screen.

6)      John + Doris.  Both retired now and loving it.   

This hiatus is temporary.  I’ve got plenty of miles left in me yet.  

After Labor Day, the GDB and I will hit the road, probably in the direction of the Great Lakes.  Lots of National Park sites between here and there!  

Home for the holidays, then back to the RTR and the desert SW for the winter. 

Stay tuned!