Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Voyaguers National Park

Only 1,510 miles to get here ...

... and worth every bit of it!

It was 51 degrees inside the park this morning. Quiet, serene, lovely.

This region is remote and wild and somehow feels like the edge of the world.

I'm over-nighting on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior at Cascade Falls State Park.

The North Shore forest are filled with these glamorous river birches. It won't be long before the maple forests are in the splendor of their fall foliage and I should be around for the peak.

Tomorrow I'll explore the shore a bit more closely as the camp host told me about a secluded bit of beach within walking distance of my campsite.  He claims Lake Superior's water is clean enough to drink!  I'll take his word for it.


  1. Your background color is like me - green with envy! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Not sure about drinking the water, but hope you can find a way to get out on it. That's one park where a kayak would come in handy. September should be a great time to be there. Any mosquitoes still lingering?

    1. A kayak would be ideal. You'd have to really bundle up. Skeeter count = 0 !!!!

  3. I've been to Duluth--I wouldn't drink Lake Superior water. Yes, it looks cleaner further up north but I can't image all those ships don't pollute it.

  4. Oh my goodness, your timing is perfect!

  5. Quite a change from the deep south of hot weather in such a short time. You are seeing some beautiful country.

  6. You are definitely hitting the far out there places and they look great. We visited may of the same areas last year and enjoyed them very much. Keep warm.


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