Friday, October 7, 2016

Michigan Casinos

Now, y'all know I just love a good casino stay.

And Michigan's offerings have all been impressive.  At least the ones I've experienced along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

The reasons to overnight at a casino are many, but I do it because it's free, secure, and fun. And I can always find a comfortable nook from which to get some work done.

A nomad never knows with casinos - sometimes they can be sad and shabby affairs. Generally speaking, the more slots and table-games, the ritzier it will be. And if the casino has the appellation RESORT tacked onto the name, well ... you are in business.

The Little River Casino in Manistee, MI has made it to my "Top 3 All-Time Favorite Casinos" list. I enjoyed it so much, I stayed 2 nights.  I repaid the hospitality by visiting the breakfast buffet.

I'm still full!

Since I don't gamble, I figured the least I can do is down a couple dozen waffles.

So here are a few more shots of this fabulous casino.

BTW, should you need hook-ups, there is a beautiful RV park also on the property.


  1. Beautiful!! (I don't gamble either. I just hand them my money when I walk onto the casino floor and keep on going. Saves a lot of time and the outcome is the same!)

  2. I've always enjoyed my casino stays. I usually drop a little money in one of the restaurants. And, like you, I love that they are free and safe. This one looks like a winner! :)

  3. Definitely worthwhile to look these up, I guess. This one is definitely a winner! I don't gamble either, but I DO eat! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    Says every casino from Yuma to Reno:
    Free parking to all who ramble;
    Come on inside, pull out your slide,
    lay down some dollars and gamble.

    For the freebie you're getting, the casino is betting
    you cannot resist their bait;
    that you're a weak willed critter, sucked in by the glitter
    whose pocketbook they will deflate.

    But if you choose, it's a bet they will lose
    Certainly for this wandering chap;
    slick as you please, I eat all their cheese
    and scamper away from the trap.


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