Inside the Good Deal Bus

What's with the van name?

My first view of the GDB (far left) on the dealer's lot.

While I was slaving away at my faculty job, I had a colleague who frequently whined "I never get to ride the Good Deal Bus!"

Well, the problem with trying to ride the Good Deal Bus - tenure, promotions, awards - is that instead of taking you to a better place, it might just run you over instead.  And, sure enough, that's what happened to me.

In March 2012, I lost my job in a shocking and shabby betrayal.  And was forced to leave the demanding job I absolutely loved and and planned to retire from. Out of nowhere, my life was broken.*

Soon, in the midst of many tough decisions, we sold our high-maintenance house in favor of a 2 BR 2 BA low-maintenance condo.  Owning an aging and needy house frequently prevented travel and the list of expensive unappealing house projects was always growing.  Downsizing gave me 1) the money to buy an RV and 2) time to travel.
So I began the search for a genuine good deal bus. I found it in August 2012 when I saw a Roadtrek 190 Popular on a dealer's website.  The next day, I drove 4 hours round-trip to check it out.

Right year, right model, right condition, right price.  So I made the deal. 

People have asked for a video tour. I haven't done one yet, but this video has a walk-thru of a 190 exactly like the GDB.

Dealer Photos August 2012

September 2012

My first overnight in the GDB at FDR State Park in Georgia.  The purpose of the maiden voyage was to check out the systems.  


It's certainly cozy.  I love it so!

April 2015

After living and working in the GDB for months at a time for the past 2.5 years, I know her well and have done a few mods to make my home-away-from-home seem more like home.  

I love my new window, courtesy of  this window film from Home Depot.  It gives privacy, a pop of color, and is removable.

The interior needed some warmth.
The cup holder makes an ideal plant stand.

Electric candles

New galley decor

November 2015

New work desk and dining table. 

Who knows?  Maybe my next mod will be a paint job.

*Update: 8/17/15 - 3 years later. A good friend says I should thank the people who stabbed me in the back. As I sit here in shorts and t-shirt, sipping coffee, with Mt. Princeton out my window, I think she may be on to something. Though I'm not ready to thank any of those people, I am willing to concede that I persevered and ... WON.